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Did You Know? Tips for Saving on Groceries in the New Year

Dec 31, 2016 04:55PM

Tips for Saving on Groceries in the New Year 

by Bill Sklodowski 


Have you spent more money than expected on holiday gifts and parties? In light of this, have you made a resolution to cut down on expenses throughout 2017? The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that Americans now spend more money dining out than buying groceries which is a shame, considering that eating at home offers numerous benefits like saving money, for instance.  

It’s not just a money matter though. Whether you’re with family or friends, connecting around meal preparation and enjoyment is an opportunity to grow together and learn from each other. Even when you’re alone, making your own meal can be a meditative experience too. 

Young Living Essential Oils offers a new “Vitality” line, specifically created with cooking in mind. This blend is so powerful that just small amounts of the all-natural, plant-based oils can transform even the most mundane kitchen creations. Oils can also be used in place of various expensive, exotic, store-bought spices.  

Here’s a quick example––spice up your usual spaghetti recipe with oregano, basil and black pepper Vitality essential oils. You can also use Cinnamon essential oil in cookie and muffin recipes, and there are dozens of uses for celery, carrot, and dill seed essential oils too.  

Preparing and eating meals at home gives you the chance to “be present” and reconnect with the flow of life. Take a few minutes to focus on yourself, family and friends who are integral to both your life and spiritual well-being. 


For more DIY recipes to make your home an uplifting, chemical-free place for both you and your family, call 941-203-1225, email [email protected], visit or like Sarasota Essential Oils on Facebook. 

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