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Don’t Let Your 30’s Be Your New 40’s: Anti-Aging Safely & Naturally with Dr. Anna

by Dr. Anna Baker, DOM


Women have a deeply ingrained biological program to look attractive. In the past, it was imperative to find a mate and reproduce to keep the species alive. Lifespans were much shorter than today. However, dynamics have changed in this modern world. Lifespans are longer than those childbearing years. Even having children is not a biological necessity anymore, and women can experience fulfilling lives either with or without mates. But the biological “beat” goes on.

This beat has precipitated the development of an anti-aging industry, worth trillions of dollars with offerings from surgical manipulation to toxic chemical treatments of all kinds which are marketed as “necessary” for women as they age. In addition, the starting age for using these products is getting younger and younger. Women in their late teens are now asking doctors for treatments because they think it will prevent them from developing fine lines, or they want to use fillers to restructure areas on their faces.

According to the September 2016 issue of Elle magazine in an article titled “30 Is The New 40?”, the use of fillers by 20–29-year-olds increased by 33% in 2015. The use of Botox and fillers in 30–39-year-olds has increased even more rapidly. However, there is no long-term use data for people starting these toxic chemicals injected into the body at such an early age.

Plus, as Dr. S. Jay Olshansky, a researcher at the University of Chicago’s Center on Aging says, these modifications to the face make it look odd and abnormal.  We have a program in our brains that knows the proportions of a normal face.  When someone starts to make modifications in different areas, we are confused and spend more time looking at the face to try to figure out what is wrong. 

Also, since we know there are many procedures available to women now, our brains assume the woman is older than she appears. That defeats the purpose of having all these expensive and potentially health damaging procedures which is why I have directed my practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine to muscle retightening through both acupuncture and amino acids from pearls to return the face safely and slowly to its younger appearance.

The stages of aging begin the 20’s, with the muscles just starting to lose their tightness. They also begin to expand three-dimensionally. So, the first stage of the aging process is when the face slowly becomes fuller and puffier. By the 40’s, the muscle has lost enough tone that the face begins lengthening and getting flatter. By the 50’s, the face has become flat and round. The cheeks have lost much of their fullness, and the jawline has become heavier. Then, as aging continues, the face gets droopier and droopier with more lines and wrinkles.

The best metaphor to describe this progression is that a face resembles a full balloon with muscle as the “air” when the person is young. However, as the muscle “air” loses its tone with age, the result is just like a balloon deflating. Subsequently, the face gets long, wide, flat and ripply.

In my acupuncture facelift practice Faces by Dr. Anna, I have developed a special technique that retightens the muscles along the way they aged (i.e. blowing the balloon back up to the younger look) from muscle attachment groups on the scalp and neck. This is a different procedure from the other commonly done acupuncture facelift which uses multiple needles on the face to micro-injure the muscles, causing temporary puffing by collagen that is reabsorbed within a month. 

My muscle tightening technique uses only 12 needles and lasts 18 months before just one touchup treatment is needed. I have been performing this procedure for 15 years on over 700 people, ranging in age from 32 to 96.  The results are photo-documented, so people can decide how much younger they want to look.

Eight years ago, I discovered the amino acids in pearls––if not subjected to preservatives or other chemicals––can also three-dimensionally retighten the muscles the same way I can do it with my acupuncture. Pearls are formed when the oyster secretes a mixture of microscopic shell pieces and amino acids called signal proteins which has a three-dimensional tightening motion for encapsulating any parasites or grit sucked into its shell. In humans, these signal proteins can retighten muscles when applied topically and densify bones when taken internally.

Pearls have been used in Asia for several thousands years as a beauty and health treatment. The pearl creams that are available today are loaded with preservatives which destroy the amino acids’ muscle tightening effects, making them just moisturizers.  Because of my background as a research and development engineer with 21 U.S. Patents, I was able to make a formula from pearls and Chinese herbs with no chemicals or preservatives, called Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna, which slowly retightens the muscles of the face and body, returning the younger look.  All results are from these products are photo-documented as well.

Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna is a breakthrough in natural products because it is completely fresh and, therefore, must be refrigerated. Several formulas have evolved from the initial product to include a muscle tightening body lotion, a formula for women over 45, a formula for men that can also restore hair and boost low testosterone, and sports performance formulas.

In addition, I give monthly seminars on both Faces by Dr. Anna acupuncture facelift and Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna.  I also offer free facial evaluations to show you the results you can attain. I want people to know there is a safe and natural way to reverse aging that actually works.


Dr. Anna Baker, DO.M has been practicing in Sarasota since 1998. For more information about Faces by Dr. Anna, call 941-924-2723, or visit to view before-and-after photos. For more information about Pearl Cream by Dr. Anna, which is available in our retail store located at 2721 Mall Drive, Sarasota, call 941-921-2662, or visit to view before-and-after photos. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.





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