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Where Do We Go When We Die?

Jan 31, 2017 04:39PM

by Suzanne Giesemann 


Is heaven some imaginary, far-off place to which we travel when we pass from this earthly realm?  Not at all. In fact, call it what you like––the afterlife, the non-physical world or the other side, but heaven is much closer than you might think.  

Understanding where we go after death is easier when thinking in terms of signals instead of souls with bodies. Every soul has an energetic signature––the aura––that is uniquely its own.  This signal is high or low depending upon the level of consciousness attained. While in human form, one’s thoughts, memories and actions become recorded within the aura, resulting in an average vibratory frequency. Think of this signal as a personal ringtone. It’s an interesting exercise to imagine what your ringtone would sound like to others––sweet and harmonious or off-key and dissonant.)   

In our high-tech world, there are countless electromagnetic signals around us, but they emit such a high frequency that a human brain cannot perceive them.  Instead, we need specifically tuned instruments like televisions and radios to detect the signals that buzz by us undetected. A cellphone is another instrument that receives and transmits electromagnetic signals.  What happens if you are in the middle of a call and you drop your phone, breaking it into pieces?  The caller may still be talking, but you can no longer hear their voice.  

It’s critical to the point of this discussion to ask the question, “Where did the signal go?” Clearly, the signal didn’t go anywhere.  It still exists in the airwaves around you although the instrument used to receive that signal no longer functions. Now, apply this logic now to the transition we call death.  What happens if a human being is in an accident and their physical body ceases to function?  Without the ability to display the soul’s ringtone, where does its signal go?  The answer is simple:  It doesn’t go anywhere.  Spirit is no more confined to the body than a voice is confined to a cell phone. You may not be able to see the soul’s light when the physical body dies, but it’s still there.   

Whether here or in the hereafter, where you place your awareness determines your reality.  Heaven is not a place but a state of consciousness. Without the body keeping you trapped in the illusion of separation, the real you can reawaken to your true nature and you find yourself home at last.  The bottom line: Heaven is real, and our actions in this present world determine our experiences in the next world.  

Until we transition and are greeted by those who have passed before us, it’s easy to imagine heaven as a far-off geographical place.  In fact, those in spirit tell us their world interpenetrates our own, but the two realities are vibrationally out of phase. The souls who abide in that reality are not dead and gone. We may not yet have the technology to detect their higher frequencies, but just like cell phone signals that we can’t perceive with our physical senses, does that mean they aren’t there?  It’s important to acknowledge the presence of those in heaven, so talk to them. They hear you. They are very much alive, and their world is as close as your breath.   


The download from Suzanne Giesemann’s guides detailing what life is like on the other side is available as part of her free e-book Awakening on her homepage.  Information about Giesemann, including upcoming presentations and classes in the area is available at  She will offer events at Unity of Sarasota on February 4–5, and is holding a weekend retreat at the Crystal Bay Hotel in St. Petersburg on February 24–26. 



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