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Alternative Healing Approach Expo: Where Spirit Meets Science

Jan 31, 2017 04:42PM

by Victoria Ackerman 


For the last few centuries, we believed that consciousness is created by combining the right sorts of chemical and biological structures in the human brain. However, this understanding is completely incorrect. Instead, all matter––the entire physical world––is actually created from consciousness. Physicists are now beginning to understand that matter and material reality are simply side-effects of our minds.  

Why does this matter for those of us who are not physicists? Simply put, if consciousness creates matter, then changing consciousness can change matter. Because our bodies are comprised of matter, we often think that changing something in the body requires manipulating it directly on the physical level such as with surgery or drugs. While this can work, it is also possible to change matter by changing the underlying consciousness that creates the matter. This is where spirit meets science, and it’s why The Spirit University has created an Alternative Healing Approach Expo. 

Since sickness began, experts have come forward with solutions.  Some believed in healing the body. Others believed in addressing the traumas in the mind. Still others focused on the healing power of the spirit. Today, more than ever, medical practitioners recognize the need to address consciousness to make the patient whole. This is the foundation of holistic health and the Alternative Healing Approach Expo.   

This expo is a transformational conference designed to address the whole person and key aspects of total wellness and energy healing. Small, intimate sessions and meetings enable participants to rethink their health and how to care for the body, the mind and spirit with an emphasis on prevention and a holistic approach to combating illnesses. 

Doctors, nutritionists, energy experts other health practitioners will facilitate discussions and workshops on health, healing, detoxification, diet, weight loss, exercise, plant-based nutrition, and strategies for improving or reversing illness and other chronic diseases.  This is a wonderful opportunity to have your top health concerns addressed, while networking and learning from the Sarasota area’s preeminent healing experts. You might even experience new realizations about energy and its profound effect on your thoughts and health. 

The expo will explore avenues for achieving optimal health and how to improve the care of your body, mind and spirit––the whole you. As an added bonus, many types of Intuitive Readers will be on-hand for entertainment, connection and finding answers. 


The Alternative Healing Approach Expo will take place on February 18, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at The Spirit University located at 373 Braden Ave., Sarasota. Admission to attend is $3. 



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