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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

All Things Energy

Jan 31, 2017 04:41PM

by Taylor Rose, Energy Intuitive and Spiritual Messenger


Energy is everything. It exists within our bodies, thoughts, emotions, actions and environment. Therefore, its effect on our lives is tremendous. As an Energy Intuitive, I am able to see energy, like people see trees or the sky, and I can remove negative energy and blockages, replacing these components with positive energy instead. I know firsthand that, although many people cannot see energy, it exists, and its effects are real.

We all have the power to create energy through positive or negative vibrations which are predominately created from our thoughts and words. We cannot feel negativity and think negatively, while expecting our lives to be filled with positivity because like attracts like. If you are experiencing a hardship in your life, for example, take time to connect with your thoughts and feelings towards the situation. Then, determine if you can can elevate those thoughts and emotions to reflect a more positive perspective. An example would be changing the mantra of “This is terrible. What if my situation never changes?” to “All is well. Great opportunities are coming to me now.”

 Affirmations are effective tools to direct your thoughts and beliefs toward positivity. They immediately pull you back into the present moment, and require your complete awareness. If you experience a negative thought, immediate replace it with a positive counterpart or affirmation to shift that energy.

Another excellent tool to kick-start a positive shift is the use of energy work. Sometimes a blockage or negative residue is stuck within our overall energy or bodies. When this occurs, it causes us to feel downtrodden, heavy, stuck or even sick. These blockages can also prevent us from moving forward. Energy work can remove the blockages, allowing you to feel much lighter and more peaceful, so that you can move forward clearly and confidently.

With a clean slate, you’ll be more equipped to manifest the life you desire by visualizing and deeply feeling what you want, so that space is created for it to enter your life. Everything in our lives is a result of the energy that surrounds us and the energy we create. By learning all about energy and how to use it to your advantage, you can transform your life in the most positive ways possible.


Additinal Information:


On February 23, 7–8:30 pm, Taylor Rose will offer “All Things Energy” at Four Pillars. During this event, participants will learn what energy is, the effect it has on their lives, how to use it to their advantage and how to manifest positivity. In addition, Taylor will answer questions and provide a group energy clearing, leaving each participant feeling lighter and more at peace. Gain a deeper awareness of energy to transform your life. The cost to attend is $15.

While on her journey of awakening, Taylor discovered the unique gifts she possessed. As a clairvoyant, she is able to “see” into situations, people, the past, present and even the future at times. She is an empath and medium, meaning she can “take on” the emotions of others, while connecting, not only to their own energy, but also to the energy surrounding them. Taylor is able to “see” energy like most people would see trees or the sky, and she can then clear negative energy and blockages, creating space for positive energy.

Finally, she is able to receive wisdom from the Universe which is how the majority of guidance and truths, meant to help, uplift and inspire others, comes to her. Taylor’s unique abilities as a Spiritual Messenger and Energy Intuitive have allowed her to help countless individuals around the world transform their lives in meaningful ways. She founded Infinite Luminos to share her gifts, and is grateful to manifest her life’s purpose each day.


To register for this event or schedule an individualized energy work or spiritual guidance session with Taylor Rose, call Four Pillars at 941-373-3955.





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