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Consciousness, Toxins, & Traumas: The Obstacles that Prevent Our New Year’s Resolutions from Being Achieved

Jan 31, 2017 04:42PM

by Dr. Paula Koger, RN, MA, OMD 


I recently had a rather spectacular experience. Of course, like all spectacular experiences, it is a challenge to communicate its spectacularness. I will rise to the challenge of telling you how I found freedom to be myself without the fear, grief and anger I inherited and were programed into me.  Beneath these issues are my hidden, gifts, jewels and genius. Most people are accessing only five to ten percent of their capacity. Knowing this, I looked at all my negative symptoms and aspects needing improvement. I found and cleared the issues, traumas and generational patterns behind them.  

As a practitioner of the healing arts who has traveled through many countries and healthcare professions looking for solutions to mankind’s suffering and disease, I have known for yeas the impact of toxins and issues on the body’s ability to maintain its optimal functioning. I have utilized numerous advanced skills, techniques, devices and scans to locate and eradicate suffering or disease. I have travelled the world and studied with the leading doctors. I have been seeking to relieve the stress and issues of mankind that come from generations of stored patterns, toxins, traumas and pain.  

.After 45 years of being a nurse, professor, counselor and Oriental Medical Doctor looking for the solutions and miracle cures, I recognize the truth about the issues we run into. It is the “stuff” in us that is in the way of our manifesting our health, joy and love. This stuff is in our 95% unconscious, revealed by Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research. Because it is subconscious, we do not know it is there. People are always telling me, I have no issues.” A few minutes later, that “nonexistent” issue is then joyfully found and released. This unknown data can inhibit us from our potential. It consists of the behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, patterns and programs we have acquired from generational patterns, traumatic unexpected events, and from responses of our family and peers. The best response we can manifest is to effectively identify and let go of these negative or limiting programs.   

If we free our energy from the burden of blocks, toxins, heavy metals and chemicals, we will go up the scale of consciousness and health. I utilize four medical software and biofeedback scans and contact reflex analysis to help us find and release them. When they are released, the body can heal for new relationships, jobs and pleasures can come in. 

Within each of us, there is the potential for fulfillment of our dreams, joy, health and prosperity. Honestly, how do you know you have programs and blocks you have not resolved? You can also look at what is not working up to par and recognize this area as containing an unresolved pattern.  As a friend, family member, therapist, nurse and doctor, I have realized that minimal resolution is achieved by just talking about the same issues over and over. Repetition keeps us in the same pathways. These pathways must be changed and reprogramed with new frequencies if change is to occur. It is only to the degree people have released the energy patterns and data stored in the pathways, memories and cells of the body that the light of consciousness will have a cleared path to come in and express itself as all that we are. 

 The healing of the unconscious 95% which is responsible for what we are attracting has been neglected and misunderstood. We have been trained not to feel or give positive input. This is because we have not known what to do with all this “stuff.” Part of my nursing career included a position as an OB Nurse. When the babies were born, I would tell them, “We are glad you are here, you are welcome, you are perfect, and you will do great things.” I would give them positive programs. Back in the seventies, you can imagine what the hospital staff thought of this. We were not supposed to step too far out of the ‘box of how to care for others. I have never let it stop me––not then and not now. 

The sad part for me is people thinking they have no choice in life. The choices we are making are based on the programs of the data that has been programed by our life experiences, parents, teachers, peers or associates. Delete that data and install new programs––choose. This is now possible using computers, sounds and light, and it is thrilling to be a part of this technology that helps us open to ourselves. 

.Miracles are usually considered “too far out to believe.”  What I am talking about here is simply the miracle of taking full responsibility for addressing the issues in the tissues and setting your energy free to flow in its own natural way.  Allowing yourself to be all you were meant to become is the miracle of what you can do for yourself.  You are simply a field of electrical energy, and your job is to keep it amped up and flowing freely. If you deny this fact, as stated by Einstein, “everything is energy,” you will perhaps miss knowing what you can be and achieve in life. 


Dr. Paula Koger states the spectacular thing she have discovered exists within each individual. Her clinical experience shows that peoples’ resistance to the being the best of who they are is blocked by their attachment to familiar or comfortable patterns For more information, visit 

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