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Being Calm in a Stressful World

Jan 31, 2017 04:41PM

by Michelle Giambra 


Moving through life being calm is much more enjoyable than being caught up in worry, fear, anxiety and mental stress. However, sometimes, external and internal stressors begin to take over, and it’s not always simple to return oneself to a centered space of calm.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama explains that a calm mind “is essential” and that a “more peaceful mind brings [a] healthy body.” 


The Calming Effects of Jin Shin Jyutsu 

As a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, I see people that are combatting various levels and stages of stress.  A common comment from clients is that Jin Shin Jyutsu helps to bring them into a state of calm being. 

One client received a series of sessions prior to undergoing a couple of surgeries. He shared that typically the prospect of surgery would incite anxiety, yet with these two surgeries, he remained calm. He attributed the calm to his Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions. A few days after her first session, another client with an especially stressful job remarked, “I could not believe how calm I was the next time I went to work!” 


What is “Being Calm? 

Webster’s Dictionary defines calm as “free from agitation, excitement or disturbance.” The numerology of the words “Being Calm” is “Abundant Wisdom.”  “Being” = 10 = “Abundance” and “Calm” = 2 = “Wisdom.”  So, we could conclude that when we enter into a state of calm, we are abundantly wise, so we are better prepared for whatever comes our way.  

10 is also a greater expression of one which is “the prime mover.”  So, we can also conclude that being calm is moving with wisdom. This is interesting because calm indicates stillness, and one can equate stillness with inactivity, yet being calm doesn’t mean we are stagnant. A calm mind is a state of surrender.  Our being responds with,ahhhhhh.”  We exhale.  We let go and receive wisdom that is abundantly available to us.  We allow ourselves to enter the flow as we move through our lives with wisdom. In my experience, being calm provides the following benefits: 

  1. We see more clearly. 

  1. Our outlook on life is more positive. 

  1. We make better decisions. 

  1. We feel happier. 

  1. We’re better equipped to handle life’s challenges. 

  1. Our physical pain eases. 

  1. Our problems dissipate. 

  1. We are more patient with ourselves and others. 

  1. We sleep more soundly. 

  1. We can truly “BE THE FUN.” 


A Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Tip for Being Calm 

Give yourself a big hug to help maintain and restore a state of being calm. With the arms crossed in front of your chest, place your fingertips along the lateral edge of the shoulder blade (close to armpits) and place your thumbs under the collarbone. Relax and become aware of your breathing. Notice both the inhalation and exhalation. Count your breaths: Exhale, count one. Inhale. Exhale, count two. Inhale. Continue this exercise for a count 36 complete breaths.   


Michelle Giambra, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Self-Help Instructor, LMT has over 18 years of experience with Jin Shin Jyutsu. She offers private sessions and teaches self-help classes including a monthly “Hands-On Self-Harmonizing Meditation.” Her studio, Suncoast Jin Shin Jyutsu, is located in Rosemary Court Yoga in Downtown Sarasota. Giambra has been voted the Local “Favorite Energy Healer” and “Favorite Holistic Practitioner.” For more information, call 941-228-2972 email [email protected] or visit 


The Jin Shin Jyutsu information provided in this article is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your own physician or other healthcare professional.  

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