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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Letter from the Publisher March 2017

Feb 28, 2017 10:51PM

Spring is in the air here on the Suncoast, which means warmer temperatures (relatively speaking ––this is Florida, after all!), greener scenery and outdoor adventures. However, springtime can also mean the onset of allergy season, bringing months of throat, nose, sinus and eye irritation. But fear not––the March issue of Natural Awakenings is packed with information on how to beat allergies through a natural and holistic approach, so you can embrace this beautiful time of year! 


Among the most common symptoms that people tend to experience around springtime is chronic vision irritation which alternative health practitioners have found can be traced to genetics, nutrition, environment, toxin exposure and other lifestyle factors. Taking all this into account, our March “Healing Ways” article discusses how acupuncture, microcurrent, ozone therapy and more holistic techniques can treat eye conditions and promote optimum wellness.  


Some allergies and physical discomforts are caused by food sensitivities, and this month’s feature article “Fearless Eating” addresses how making changes in your diet can alleviate headaches, skin rashes or itchiness, digestive issues and stress levels. If you struggle with an intolerance to certain foods, this article suggests the elimination approach––removing ingredients like corn, dairy, eggs, soy or gluten from your regular intake to experience potential relief from these aggravating symptoms. There’s even a self-guided questionnaire to help determine whether you might have a food intolerance that’s gone undetected. 


And let’s not forget about our “furry friends.” Pets aren’t immune to allergies either, especially indoor-outdoor animals who are regularly exposed to pollutants in the environment. If your four-legged family member exhibits behaviors like ear scratching, sneezing or vomiting, for example, this month’s “Natural Pet” article offers gentle homeopathic remedies for soothing the root cause of their symptoms, so they can bask in this glorious springtime weather too!   


These examples are just a sampling of what you’ll find in our March issue––more enlightenment, inspiration and pure enjoyment awaits inside. I also wanted to give a big thanks to Terry Grywinski at Whole Body Therapy for helping me relieve some ongoing pain I had. His therapy is truly amazing. Happy reading and please send comments, questions or feedback to [email protected] 


Natural Awakenings of Sarasota March 2020 Digital Edition