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The Art of Living Through the Seasons: Spring Renewal

Feb 28, 2017 10:51PM

(the first in a series of five articles to help you thrive while journeying through the seasons) 

by Michelle Giambra 


Spring is a time of renewal, expansion and movement. New growth appears, and colors become more vibrant. Creation is reborn as it expands and grows. Related to the wood element and the color green, springtime is also associated with the liver and gall bladder organ function energies which govern smooth movement of the spirit, mind, body and blood essence. 

When in balance, there is a harmonious and fluid flow of these organ function energy pathways, allowing us to enjoy good health. However, internal and external disturbances can disrupt this flow and result in discomfort, pain or disease. Fortunately, there is ancient wisdom we can utilize to help ourselves get back on-course. 


Harmonized Flow 

  • Clear Visions & Dreams. Creative desires are in focus. Personal insights are unobstructed. 

  • Decision-Making. Fears of making mistakes are minimized, and decision-making becomes stress-free. 

  • Smooth Movement. The ability to flow in the moment and change course if needed becomes easier.  


Indicators of Imbalance 

  • Anger or Frustration. When creativity is stifled, anger or frustration can accumulate. Likewise, bottled-up anger or frustration can stifle the flow of creative energy.  

  • Inflexibility. Stiff joints, closed-mindedness and stagnant emotions are potential signs of disruptions in the liver or gall bladder organ function energy pathways. 

  • Vision Impairment.  Have you heard the expression, “I’m so angry, I can’t see straight?” Vision projects can manifest as impaired sight on the physical, mental or emotional planes.   


Ways to Help Yourself 

  • Hold Your Middle Finger. Simply wrap your right hand and fingers around your left middle finger. Relax and hold this positions for two to 20 minutes. Then, reverse this for your right middle finger. Practice every day for a minimum of 10 consecutive days and observe any improvements you might notice. 

  • Go Green. Wear green-colored clothing. Buy a new houseplant. Go for a walk in the woods. 

  • Express Your Creativity. Take steps to begin a creative project you’ve been wanting to engage in, but perhaps haven’t found the right time. Color, paint, write, sing, dance. knit, cook or garden. Just let your creativity flow! 


The seasons of nature relate to the natural rhythms and energy flow patterns within our bodies. We can live a more balanced life by maintaining a harmonious flow throughout each season. This spring, open yourself to creativity, allow your mind and heart to expand, and transition smoothly into the lusciousness of summer! 


Learn More 

Join Suncoast Jin Shin Jyutsu on March 25 forSpring Renewal of Spirit, Mind & Body,” the first in a series of five Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help classes related to “The Art of Living through the Seasons.” Gain personal insights by learning, practicing and experiencing various tools which you can incorporate into your lifestyle every day. Space is limited. 


Michelle Giambra, LMT, is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner & Self-Help Instructor with extensive training and nearly 20 years of experience in the unique hands-on healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. She provides private sessions for individuals with health projects such as cancer, pain, anxiety, digestion, fatigue and more. She also teaches self help classes and leads a monthly hands-on self-healing meditation. Her office, Suncoast Jin Shin Jyutsu is located in the Rosemary District of downtown Sarasota.  For more information, call 941-228-2972, email M[email protected] or visit   


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