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Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life-Changing

Feb 28, 2017 10:51PM

by Terrence Grywinski 


Clients come to me because they experience neck, back or TMJ pain, as well as chronic headaches and migraines. Some clients come for neurological problems like Parkinson’s, stroke, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, symptoms from Lyme disease and encephalitis, mobility and balance, as well as fuzzy thinking or lack of energy.  

Some problems are recent, but many have been experienced over a period of years or even a lifetime. These same people have searched for help from doctors, chiropractors, accuncpturists, physical therapists and massage therapists, without success. Therefore, many come as a last resort.   

Within the first few Craniosacral Therapy Sessions (CST), they begin to experience the life-changing relief they have been searching for. As a result, their lives are not dictated by pain, headaches, mobility and balance issues, or fatigue. Besides having these specific problems eliminated, their entire state of health improves because CST treats the whole body––physically, physiologically, mentally and emotionally.  

The physical stress in their bodies caused by shortened fascia (connective tissue) shuts down the energy flow to certain organs. Short leg syndrome (where one leg is pulled up by shortened fascia anywhere from one-half to one inch) reduces energy flow to the spleen (an important part of your immune system) and the small and large intestine. About 85% of my clients present with leg pulled up. With the release of that shortened fascia, energy returns to these organs.  

Generally, enough fascia will be released in the first CST session to permanently keep the legs symmetrical––unlike chiropractic adjustments which last only about three days. The tension from short leg syndrome on the sacrum (bottom five fused vertebras) is transferred up the dural tube, encasing the spinal cord into the lower back, neck, brain and cranium.  

Part of the cause for headaches, migraines, TMJ and neck problems originates in the sacrum. The body is so interconnected that stress in one area affects another area of the body. Bringing balance into the sacrum increases energy to the bladder, sex organs, kidneys and chakras (energy centers), while releasing a major cause of the stress in the upper body.  

Stress in the diaphragm restricts energy flow to the lungs, pericardium and heart. Releasing that stress opens up energy to the lungs and quadruples the heart energy which is important if you suffer from heart problems. Shoulder blades that are restricted suppress how much the rib cage can expand. Restrictions in the diaphragm and shoulders affect how deeply you can breathe. Those who suffer from bronchitis and asthma also experience relief when the stress in these areas is released. 

Stress, restriction and pain in the cervical vertebrae (neck) can compress the brainstem, reducing or restricting energy flow to the brain. Lack of focus or fuzzy thinking are symptoms of brainstem compression. Releasing stress on the neck eliminates pain and compression, while increasing range-of-motion. 

The following are descriptions from various clients I am currently working with. Their names are changed, but their experiences with Craniosacral Therapy are truthful. 

Alice, a 78-year-old woman, had been experiencing severe bronchitis for the past three weeks. Her breathing was restricted due to stress in the diaphragm and shoulders. She also dealt with extreme fatigue and stress throughout her body. She had short leg syndrome with limited range-of-motion in her hips, poor circulation in her legs, neck pain and brainstem compression, causing daily headaches.  

After the first 2 sessions, she reported, I have no pain, my headaches are gone, and my breathing has improved. I realized that my low energy over the past number of years caused my depression because it was difficult to do things I loved.” 

Alice’s husband, an 80-year-old man, noticed such a change in his wife after her first CST session that he made an appointment himself. He had been a house builder and suffered from balance problems and pain above his right hip that originated 40 years earlier after falling 12 feet with a roof truss landing on him. Immediately following the first session, he noticed that his walking had improved. After a couple sessions, his balance problem disappeared, and the 40 years of pain had been alleviated. 

Sarah, a 70-year-old woman, had been experiencing a sour stomach and constipation. After two sessions, both symptoms were gone. She enumerated, “I have more energy. My constipation is gone. I am feeling prettier and more graceful”. 

John, a 57-year-old man with a herniated disc, had been in pain since 2000. When he came to see me, his excruciating sciatic pain caused difficulty walking, standing and sitting. His left leg was pulled up one-half inch. After his first session, he could sit down with much less pain, and after his second session, most of the pain had disappeared, allowing him to function comfortably. 

Sadie, a 48-year-old woman, described her experience in these words, “I have lived in pain all my life. I had gone to doctors and therapists over the years, with little or no help. Then, I googled ‘Best Craniosacral Therapist in Sarasota,’ and after that first session, my life started to change.  

Sadie had multiple problems with exhaustion, depression, a herniated cervical disc, constipation and a brain lesion from a blow to the head in 2009. She suffered some stroke like conditions and frequent seizures. Her problems were a result of childhood trauma, abusive husbands, multiple car accidents and the head injury. She continued, “After multiple sessions, I am pain-free, more energized, no longer depressed, and my seizures have become infrequent.” Sadie is a prime example how the history of trauma accumulates to cause pain that CST can alleviate 

As noted in these previous case studies, in order for healing to occur, the entire body must be treated, as stress in one part of the body affects other parts of the body. 


Terrence Grywinski operates Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, located at 1188 N Tamiami Trail, Suite 205D, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-755-3437 (answering service), 941-321-8757 (cell) or visit 















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