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Four Pillars Announces March Workshops & Speakers

Feb 28, 2017 10:51PM

by Four Pillars Staff 


Four Pillars & Four Pillars Coaching, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to building a positive foundation for wellness through life coaching and self-care practices, is bringing various workshops, practitioners and experts to the community for learning, rejuvenating and enhancing your life. The following events offered throughout March reflect global healing, writing workshops, nutrition and sleep topics.  


  •  “Author Spotlight Series: The ABC’s of Writing and Publishing a Book,” March 9, 7–9 p.m. Have you ever dreamed of writing and publishing a book?  In this workshop series, international bestselling author and writing/publishing coach D.D. Scott will guide you through detailed steps of this entire process which includes writing craft, cover design, formatting, promotion and marketing, your writing style and space, plotting tips, your readers, day-one- page-one and more. Each class features stories from her own journey and expertise. Scott’s book will also be available for purchase. Cost: $10. 

  • Acupuncture Series: Cure for Insomnia,” March 13, 7–9 p.m. How often do you hear people rave about great sleep? Almost never. Insomnia is an epidemic that actively undermines our health and makes life less enjoyable. However, there are natural solutions to addressing poor sleep through traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture techniques During this event, you’ll learn why treating the heart is among the most effective ways to avoid this modern scourge of inadequate sleep patterns. Cost: $10. 

  • Author Spotlight Series: I Am Good Enough,” March 15, 7–9 p.m. In this workshop series, D.D. Scott will you through your own spiritual awakening. She will share her coaching expertise and spiritual concepts. She believes that every single time you are looking for information, it presents itself through modern spiritual teachers who live according to the lessons of ancient gurus. In her wholehearted approach to life, she shares the lessons that have been practiced for thousands of years across all cultures, continents and cosmic realms. Living from love, forgiveness and gratitude helps you create the space for miracles and sweet synchronicities to occur. Scott’s book will also be available for purchase. Cost: $10.  

  • Interiorology: Aligned Home,” March 22, 6:30–8:30 p.m. Journey through the Interiorology system which pairs specific essential oils with your inner home (clearing, essence, awareness, nature, feeling, intentional, transitions). Through sensory experience, find reflections of your true self in your mind, body, spirit and home. Laurel James is a national interior designer and author of Interiorology. In addition, she is an essential oil wellness guide and a Kundalini Yoga instructor. James is dedicated to guiding people toward wellness and conscious living with holistic approaches to internal and external spaces. Cost: $25. 

  • Spiritualiti-TEA Social,” March 27, 7–9 p.m. Social connections are the key to longevity and happiness. In this modern world of technology and social media, it’s important to connect on a true personal level. Join us for a cup of tea, coffee and casual discussions of what you are experiencing along your life journey. Meet other like-minded people to talk, listen and connect with. Cost: cup of coffee or tea. 


In addition to workshops, Four Pillars offers massage and facials, Reiki and energy work, acupuncture, life coaching and a bookstore. Four Pillars is your “go-to” destination to learn, relax, energize, and reinvent. Four Pillars is located at 8209 Natures War, Suite 221, Lakewood Ranch. For more information, call 941-373-3955 or visit 


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