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A Female Taoist Master Speaks: 5-Elements of Politics & Religion

Apr 01, 2017 01:10AM

by Professor Tanya Storch and Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack 


Tanya Storch was Jeff Primack’s first Qigong teacher and a professor fluent in English, Chinese and Russian. She immigrated to America after learning from Qigong masters of Taoist and Siberian lineage. Primack is the founder of “Qi Revolution” and has trained thousands of Qigong teachers. 


In 1998, I met Tanya Storch at University of Florida department of religious studies.  She was teaching classes in Taoism and Eastern religion. During my first class with Professor Storch. she spoke on “lucid dreaming” which is the phenomenon of becoming aware that you are dreaming while still immersed in the dream. Her teachings brought me closer to God and my relationship with spirit. Storch taught me to use 5-Elements to become a more effective Qigong teacher in this world. 5-Elements include fire, water, metal, soil and tree. These are her areas of expertise, and this is her story...  


My 5-Elements education began during childhood in the high northern Ural Mountains. Each summer, between the ages of four and 10, I was taken from my family in Leningrad and forced to stay three months with my grandma of the Votyak, a small ethnic minority who secretly practiced an ancient religion on veneration of natural forces. Children in this village barely spoke Russian, but they ran barefoot on the harsh cold floor. These times awakened my primordial Qi and began my journey of balancing the elements fire and water.   

Born in Leningrad, Soviet Union, and educated by the Communist regime, I was trained to love a tiny metal star with the face of “Grandpa Lenin.” God saved me from this madness by leading me to a master teacher of Qigong and Taoist psychology. Through years of meditation and knowledge of 5-Elelemts, I learned to save energy from conflicts and to increase the energy in my body 

My teacher was trained as a hereditary Taoist master in a family which preserved secret teachings about Tao, Yin-Yang, 5-Elements, Qigong and herbal remedies for hundreds of generations. During the Chinese Revolution, an oracle advised him to marry a Russian woman and escape, so his knowledge could be preserved and spread around. He successfully escaped, avoiding torture which befell other men in his family.   

Because of his great talents, he became a language instructor at the Leningrad University where I studied with him for many years. In addition to this Taoist master, I managed to study with Russian Orthodox Priests and Buddhist Lamas. Both Christians and Buddhists supported each other during this time and hoped their united prayers would help destroy the evil dictatorship of the USSR.  

In Buddhism and Orthodox Christianity, our human body is viewed as a temporary temple filled with eternal light, our spirit and consciousness. Purification of the temple is viewed as high priority. This is why, urged by my new clergy friends, I tried several rather challenging forms of physical-spiritual purification like abstaining from food over a period of several days. I practiced consuming only a bowl of rice per day during the course of five months, walking barefoot in deep snow, swimming in the middle of winter in a body of water surrounded by ice, and lying dead on the hard floor for eight to nine hours (long enough for the soul to completely leave the body and travel).  

I endured arrests, interrogations and other forms of political persecution in my country. This unique Qigong knowledge was instrumental in creating conditions of hopeful energy as my family went through immigration to Austria, Italy and the United States.  Keeping peace with God, respecting all He created and wisely using my innate fire has made my life bloom to the fullest, despite my age and injuries. I live without fear or other negative emotions. When a person understands the 5-Elements, they also understand their own mind patterns, magnetic field and how to strengthen its vibration. 







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