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Couples Acupuncture Special in May

Apr 30, 2017 03:22PM

During this month, 360 Degree Wellness is offering couples acupuncture treatments. Partners, friends and colleagues can each receive a 90-minute acupuncture session for just $100 by booking together. 

Treatments are offered in separate rooms, and each participant is given a working diagnosis and individual treatment plan. Sean Leonard, Acupuncture Physician, practices a unique style of Japanese acupuncture and meridian therapy which calibrate each system of the body. 

Gentle needling techniques are blended with direct moxa stimulation to coax the body back into balance. In this style, through pulse and palpation, the body provides feedback to the practitioner in real time, allowing various layers to be treated in one session. Complex issues are broken down and treated by addressing each contributing factor including hormonal, respiratory and nervous system imbalances. 

As an added incentive, for couples who really want to make a shift in their health, this special price can be locked in for three months to pursue a full course of treatment, without breaking the bank. Regular acupuncture treatment offers the body respite and recovery at deeply healing levels. Many chronic and stubborn ailments, when given the right support, will change for the better.  


For more information or to schedule a session, call 941-525-3752, email [email protected] or visit 









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