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The Art of Living Through the Seasons: Summer Vitality

Apr 30, 2017 03:22PM

by Michelle Giambra 


the second in a series of five articles to help you thrive while journeying through the seasons 


Creation reaches its fullest expression in the lusciousness of summer. Nature is vibrant with ripening fruits and flowers in bloom. It’s a time for joyful celebrations, picnics and outdoor activities. Weddings, the outward expression of deep and committed love, are prevalent in summer––how utterly fitting, since the heart is one of the organ function energies related to this time of year!  

Fire is the element of summer. When we are “fired up” with enthusiasm and passion, we live with joyful, heart-filled and creative expression. If fire is lacking, there could be a sense that we are pushing hard just to make it through the day, or even through life. If there is too much fire, we might burn ourselves out. 

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, summer is related to the Fifth Depth Energy which is about “rising into our spiritual inheritance.” In harmony, there is a fluid flow of life force energy for the spirit, mind and body. However, internal and external disturbances can disrupt this flow and result in discomfort, pain or disease. Fortunately, there is ancient wisdom in Jin Shin Jyutsu that we can utilize to help ourselves restore and maintain harmony. 


Harmonized Flow 

  • Easy Joyfulness: Light heartedness and serene joy fill your being. Life feels effortless.  

  • Discernment: The other organ function energy related to summer is the small intestine which sorts out what the body can and cannot use. This correlates to our ability to use discernment in life. 

  • Strong & Healthy Bones: The fifth depth energy is responsible for creation and maintenance of the skeletal system.   


Indicators of Disharmonized Flow 

  • Pretense: Laughing on the outside but crying on the inside.  

  • Accident-Prone: Frequent accidents like stubbing a toe or dropping items, for example, increase our awareness that fifth depth energy harmonizers would be helpful. 

  • Lack of Inspiration:  An open heart is able to receive inspiration.   


Ways to Help Yourself 

  • Hold Your Little Finger: Simply wrap your right hand and fingers around your left little finger. Relax and hold this positions for two to 20 minutes. Then, reverse this position for your right little finger. Practice every day for a minimum of 10 consecutive days and observe any improvements you might notice. 

  • Observe Your Thoughts: Everyone brings their own unique creative expression.  Comparing yourself to another can rob you of inner joy. If you find your thoughts going down a path of comparison or competing, pause a moment. Simply exhale and bring your mind to the present. Notice how your inhalation naturally arises, and there is no need to take a breath. Write down a list of your talents and gifts.   

  • Immerse Yourself in Something You Love: What brings you joy? Being with loved ones? Writing? Exercise? Time in Nature? Quiet meditation? Connect with the activities that fill your heart with love and laughter.   


The seasons of nature relate to the natural rhythms and energy flow patterns within our bodies. Maintaining a harmonious flow in each season can help us become happier and healthier. This summer, bring more light-heartedness into your life. Enjoy the people, surroundings, experiences and activities that you love! 


Learn More 

Join Suncoast Jin Shin Jyutsu on May 20 forSummer Vitality of Spirit, Mind & Body,” a Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help class. Gain personal insights. Learn, practice and experience hands-on energy harmonizing which you can incorporate into your lifestyle every day. Space is limited.  The last day to register is May 17. An early bird discount is also offered if you register with payment by May 12. 


Michelle Giambra, LMT, is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner & Self-Help Instructor with extensive training and nearly 20 years of experience in the unique hands-on healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. She provides private sessions for individuals with health projects such as cancer, pain, anxiety, digestion, fatigue and more. She also teaches self help classes and leads a monthly hands-on self-healing meditation. Her office, Suncoast Jin Shin Jyutsu is located in the Rosemary District of downtown Sarasota. For more information, call 941-228-2972, email M[email protected] or visit   


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