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Being a Balanced Man

May 31, 2017 01:42PM

by Rev. Jim Toole 


Men seeking a balanced lifestyle often seem to exert a great deal of effort changing their lives. They eat more nutritiously, exercise more frequently and organize their time more efficiently. They switch jobs, enter new relationships and even move to different places, thinking life will improveTrue balance, however, is not created by manipulating circumstances. A person’s degree of balance is a natural result of manifesting who they are within.  

Our society has established a perceptual reality for men that creates an urge to achieve and succeed, to protect and provide for their families, to make the world a more harmonious place and to embrace a higher quality of life. These are positive and exceptional goals. Unfortunately, “the road to success” frequently relates to what an individual has rather than who they are. 

No matter how diligently we work at changing or reshaping our world, true joy and happiness is an inside job.  Rather than striving or pursuing, it’s important to determine why we live according to a certain benchmark or paradigm. What is our purpose?  Are we following in our father’s footsteps or creating our own unique expression? Are we being a “good man,” and by whose definition? These questions often cause us to take a closer look in the mirror. 

Each aspect of the life we seek to create or manifest is an attempt to ultimately experience peace, fulfillment and freedom. By listening to our soul’s desire, we can hear whispers of our hearts, nudging us toward our true purpose.  Although it’s different for everyone, the pathway to balance is achieved through accepting ourselves completely. That self-awareness is not found in the world, but discovered in the stillness and silence within. This requires putting aside our “strength and courage” to getting in touch with our more intimate and vulnerable sides. 

Balance is found at the fulcrum’s center point where a seesaw pivots. There is no movement and yet, it’s the point where “everything comes together.”  There could be no balance without it. Instead of running from one end of your life to the other, trying to accumulate wealth, status or image, choose to live by your own inner knowing and truth. Being true to yourself, as a man, is not about standing up against someone else’s judgment or fighting for what is right. It is about clarifying within your spirit who you are. 

Another way to describe balance within and outside of ourselves is to look at how much we are doing and how much we are being. As men, we are constantly “getting things done” and “making things happen.” We are human beings, after all. We feel purposeful and productive through being active. But the question remains: are we focusing on the “being” or the action? 

By becoming clear and sure with ourselves about who we choose to “be” in our lives, our actions can then reflect this which creates openings and opportunities to express and experience ourselves guided by our hearts and souls, not the world around us.  In this way, our love, light and spirit is reflected into all that we choose to do, create and manifest.   

If you are old enough to remember railroad crossings, you were taught to three steps when encountering them. So, apply those rules to life and consider stopping, looking and listening––not to what’s going on around you, but to what your inner knowing indicates is real, right and true for you individually. By achieving peace within, you will not only find more ease and grace in life, you will find yourself becoming a Balanced Man. 


Rev. Jim Toole has devoted over 35 years to working with people in their exploration and discovery of their own spiritual truth, purpose and pathway in life. He is a medium, conscious channeler, inspirational speaker, personal and spiritual development counselor, workshop facilitator, meditation leader, teacher and energetic healer. He is also the Pastor of Sarasota Center of Light, located at 852 S Tuttle Ave Sarasota. For more information, call 941-330-5031, email [email protected] or visit 

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