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The Anchoring Light Meditation Looks Back on 10 Years of Unconditional Love

Jul 31, 2017 04:24PM

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer 


Since its inception on July 16, 2007, the Anchoring Light Meditation community has joined together, without fail, each week on Monday evenings for the past decade. In the midst of unpredictable weather, natural phenomena or personal challenges, this dedicated and faithful tribe has never been deterred from meeting with one another in service to their sacred light and unconditional love which benefits all of humanity.  

Last month, the Anchoring Light Meditation commemorated its tenth anniversary, prompting reflections on where this group originated from and how it has evolved in the process. Reverend Dr. Sharon-Elizabeth James, founder of the Anchoring Light Meditation, recalls sensing an extraordinary telepathic impression that urged her to assemble a community of people who would be compelled to assist both the earth and its beings on a trajectory of spiritual ascension.  

These individuals are known as Lightworkers, and their purpose is to anchor the subtle vibrations from a higher energetic realm onto the physical plane in order to access the frequencies of love and light through conscious channel meditation. Within this all-embracing network, there is no specific faith or dogma that members must subscribe to. In fact, Reverend Sharon-Elizabeth enumerates that her vision for the Anchoring Light Meditation is a broad acceptance and compassion for all different paths in life.  

Just like the Ascended Masters themselves––such as Jesus, Buddha or Abraham from the Christian, Buddhist and Jewish traditions respectively––who looked past religion to find the common ground in this human experience, so these Lightworkers also respect the uniqueness and diversity of each other’s belief systems. This inclusion has resonated with likeminded people across the entire globe, transforming what started as a membership of three or four into an international movement that reaches over 100 countries through Facebook Live.     

Now, 10 years later, thousands have been exposed to the Anchoring Light Meditation, with an average of 30 attendees on a given week. In addition, two permanent meeting locations have been established––one in Sarasota and the other, most recently, in Port Charlotte. This growth also influenced the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light to form which has since become the Anchoring Light Meditation’s homebase for the last five years.     

As this community enhances its breadth and bandwidth, so its mission of higher consciousness also manifests in profound channels. Reverend Sharon-Elizabeth describes this in terms of a “grand entanglement” which forges connection between people from both traditional and metaphysical backgrounds, making collective strides toward the same objective expressed through different means. The relationships created in the process intersect oceans and continents, touching foreign locales such as Thailand, Singapore and Australia.    

Another mode of expansion is the Anchoring Light Sacred Journey initiative which organizes trips to sacred, meaningful sites around the world. For instance, Reverend Sharon-Elizabeth and a group of Lightworkers once traveled to Lake Titicaca in Peru which is the highest body of freshwater on earth. During this pilgrimage, she remembers interacting with travelers from all corners of the globe who had come for the same purpose.  

“We could not speak each other’s language, but we had the same reason for being there, and we all understood this,” she explains. In that synchronistic moment, words were not required to communicate––the spiritual activation of geography, unified with humanity, was enough to facilitate a transcendent, harmonious bond.     

But these experiences do not just unfold on exotic landscapes. They often occur right here in the Southwest Florida region. The Gulf of Mexico is home to an energetic vortex which attracts those from the alternative healing community who recognize its supernatural charge, drawing them toward the Anchoring Light Meditation. In fact, like Sedona and Glastonbury––areas both renowned for their mysticism––Sarasota has become a “pillar of light, bringing together likeminded souls with a shared intention to empower and liberate the human race.  

This inclusive undertaking does not answer to one particular creed, but works in a communal fashion behind-the-scenes to help the inhabitants of planet earth reach a cosmic dimension of being. That endeavor is the crux of why the Anchoring Light Meditation continues to thrive with no signs of losing momentum in the decades to come. As Reverend Sharon-Elizabeth points out, “we are confirmation and affirmation that goodness still exists in the universe.”  


Reverend Dr. Sharon-Elizabeth James founded the Anchoring Light Meditation and currently serves as pastor for the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light. She is passionate about helping others tap into their own divinity and ability to co-create with the source. The Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light is located at 5041 Ringwood Meadow, Bldg. G-2, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-371-9333, email [email protected] or visit  


Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer is the Managing Editor of Natural Awakenings Sarasota–Manatee. She also works as a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer based in Southwest Florida. Her personal blog features practical tips for embracing an active, nutritious and empowered lifestyle.   



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