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Are You Looking for More than Just Puppy Love?

Puppies are adorable, and they happiness into our lives. But certified matchmaker and single’s party host Christy Tromp points out that puppy love” doesn’t offer the same fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from developing a meaningful and loving relationship with a compatible partner.  

Tromp was 19 years old when she landed her first job working for a matchmaking company. “I was so young and naïve back then,” she elaborates. “But I was smart enough to know a good thing when I saw it! I thought, ‘if really works, a company that helps people find love, then it must be the greatest job ever!"   

That was 23 years ago. Today, she is a well-known matchmaker who continues to help clients find meaningful relationships and love that endures. Besides one-on-one matchmaking, Tromp also provides image consulting, dating coaching, speed dating parties and relationship seminars. She uses experience in the field to guide her clients, so that when they meet the right person, they have all the tools needed for a healthy relationship.   


For more information on matchmaking services and to schedule a consultation, call 941-713-1000 or visit 


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