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Our New Responsibility


by Beata Molnar 


I used to entertain this dream-fantasy as a child of knocking on people’s doors at Christmastime and being welcomed inside to observe their Christmas trees. I always marveled at the unique designs, personalities and styles that were used to decorate millions of these Frasier firs during the holiday season.  

How people embellished their trees interested me as much as how they addressed their daily struggles, habits and lifestyle choices. I used to ride the subway in New York and stared at other passengers through my dark-tinted sunglasses. I would observe their faces, attempting to distinguish the meaning from the meaninglessness based on their body language, dress code and projected emotion.  

Somehow I always knew that other people’s feeling states deeply affected and influenced me. I realized that my own life depended on exposure to happy, healthy, spiritually growing, inspirational and forward-moving personalities. Now, as a wiser adult, I understand these sensations were deeply hidden and only accessible through my subconscious. Nevertheless, I find them essential to leading a well-rounded life with meaning, purpose and, most importantly, a smile on my serious face.  

          We can discuss our problems with authentic honesty, and communities are being formed to support hundreds of issues and causes. Still, I feel that many people exist on the margins, needing to be reached. We somehow must give them access to information, resources, assistance and empowerment to take charge of their own well-being and to change the future of this country for the better.  

      The number of unhealthy people is staggering. Alzheimer’s, heart disease, addiction, diabetes, depression and suicide are on the rise. Many individuals are indeed making positive lifestyle changes, but millions are still uninformed on the basics of wellness and a promised future where debilitating diseases will not prevail.  

         Educational reform might be needed to teach the younger generations about spirituality and the importance of healthy relationships. Nutrition should be introduced into early curriculums as basic requirements. We need to raise our children to nurture healthy souls, brains and emotions. We also need to demonstrate this to our sisters, brothers, neighbors, fellow churchgoers and co-workers. The time is now to shine everything we have learned into the dark corners that still need light and fresh air.  

           When I was a young girl, I had numerous health issues that made life uncomfortable, and I felt alone, angry, helpless and ashamed. My environment was too clueless, uninformed and preoccupied to help me through a healing shift. Years later, I found out I was actually suffering from a serious case of candida infection. I was already living in New York and had access to the right tools, devices and supportive practitioners to know better. 

 Unfortunately, during my teenage years in Budapest, my parents had no knowledge of the debilitating effects of sugar and wheat products on the human system. So I suffered, as do millions of people today. This is just one example of the many areas of ignorance about how the body reacts to certain negative influences.  

I still remember vaguely dreaming up a magic machine” that could envelop our bodies and take a special scan to determine all that needs to be known. This was before I discovered the miracle of the Biofeedback Scan. You can only imagine how my jaw dropped while attending a holistic expo when a practitioner did a body scan for me. Here was a magic device that was able to measure everything inside me. We looked at organs, hormones, chakras, emotions, spinal health and more. What a revolution!  

Many years have passed since then, and I have now discovered that I am a born healer. Today I operate my own sound and energy healing practice. I have also become a certified Biofeedback Technician. I offer my clients the wonderful benefit of a PEMF technology during our sessions. I purchased a RIFE machine with plasma tubes that we can program with over 1300 various conditions to balance. I am doing my part. I also know many amazing practitioners in Sarasota who are doing their parts as well. Even so, I feel that we still need to do more to provide the masses with crucial information.  

The effects of non purified water, GMO foods, environmental toxins, poor nutrition, vaccinations, pesticides and herbicides, unresolved conflicts, substance abuse, dependence on medication and lack of contact with Mother Earth can adversely impact human health. This must be brought to public attention. I have faith in our future wellness, but there is much work ahead of us still.  


Beata Molnar was born in Budapest, Hungary, then later relocated to New York City. She studied psychology at Hunter College where she also discovered her gifts as a healer. After working an energy healer in the Big Apple for several years, her path led to Sarasota where she now operates the Healing Room. Molnar offers energy healing, Biofeedback scanning, stress management, sound healing and more. For more information on her practice and services, call 941-586-9539 or visit 

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