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Holiday Special at the Brainwave Center

For some of us, the holidays can be daunting, causing undue stress or sadness. Crowded shopping malls, finding the perfect gift, setting up holiday decorations, traveling, holiday bills, entertaining family, unexpected guests––all of these factors can impact how the brain functions. There are several ways to reduce holiday related issues, but have you considered neurofeedback? 

Your brain regulates everything you do and think. So when overburdened, symptoms can manifest throughout the body––sometimes in surprising ways like an unwanted change in your mood, impulsive shopping, brain fog or sleepless nights.  

At The Brainwave Center, we utilize neurofeedback programs customized for you, to overcome a variety of issues and experience long-lasting results. Neurofeedback focuses on building new neural pathways and strengthening the brain, rather than patching up symptoms. In fact, the brain has actually relearned a more efficient method of performing.  

Generally, our clients report improved moods, decreased impulsivity, restored control of anxiety or depression, better mental clarity, more restful sleep and a host of other benefits––all without drugs and harsh side-effects. Get started with our “Peace of Mind” holiday special. During the month of December, we are offering a brain scan, consultation, detailed report and full access to our online assessment tools, all for $199 (valued at $400). 


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