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Sarasota County Welcomes Natural Health Improvement Center of Osprey

Nutrition Response Testing is a technique, utilizing applied kinesiology, that was founded in 1991 by Dr. Freddie Ulan after he almost died from a severe illness.  

Symptoms in the body are often caused by underlying nutrition deficiencies which lead to organ dysfunction. Decreased function of the organs results in poor absorption, digestion and utilization of vitamins and minerals which causes these symptoms to worsen. Since his full recovery, Dr. Ulan has been teaching this technique to like-minded healthcare providers to fulfill his purpose of helping people look and feel better without the use of drugs and surgery.  

By using this method, the practitioner can determine which specific areas of the body and organs are nutritionally deficient which helps them determined which area needs the support first, which specific nutrients will help and how much to dose. This is referred to as Designed Clinical Nutrition, designed according to the unique needs of the patient. Nutrition Response Testing is used to improve upon overall health through a safe and natural approach, even if there is a health diagnosis or the patient is on medication. 

So what does the program entail? Besides taking organic, cold-pressed and high-quality supplements, the patients also track their food intake. Dietary recommendations are made on a week-to-week basis in order to maximize the patients’ results. Many people experience relief from problems such as lack of sleeping, headaches, digestive difficulty, poor concentration and other health concerns. 


Location: 664 S Tamiami Trail, Unit C-2, Osprey. For more information, call 941-220-3950, email [email protected]om or visit 



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