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Elysian Fields Offers Holiday De-Stressing Tips


If you plan on having family and friends over for the holidays, the mix of energies entering your home can get intense. Remember to cleanse your space energetically before guests arrive and after they leave to help keep your sacred space purified.  

Smudging with sage or burning copal incense are both time-tested cleansing methods for clearing negative energy and creating balance. Using a diffuser or lighting candles infused with essential oils of lavender, sage, palo santo or cedarwood can help to constantly cleanse the air while people are mixing and mingling.  

Create ambiance in your home to boost the positive energy field. Adding an amethyst cluster or selenite lamp to your living or dining room can promote a sense of peace. A lovely violet color, amethyst quartz has been said to promote relaxation and soothe anxiety or depression.   

In addition, selenite is known as an “emotional cleanser” for the mind, body and spirit which extends to the outer environment, creating calmness and tranquility. Selenite lamps emit a soothing glow to enhance meditation, concentration and clarity. Positioning a selenite lamp or t-light candle holder in the family zone will instill a sense of peace and harmony.  

Here at Elysian Fields, we are fully prepared to outfit your home with the necessities to keep peace and joy pulsing throughout your home this season. Our knowledgeable staff looks forward to assisting you and helping spread holiday cheer!  


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