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360 Degree Wellness Announces New Winter Class Schedule

360 Degree Wellness is excited to announce the new winter schedule for alchemy style Tai Chi and Qigong classes. Come experience the tranquility and grace of 5 Element Qigong under the majestic oak trees at Arlington Park. 

Flow with the inspirational energy of nature as you cultivate both the body and mind within the 90 movement Alchemy Tai Chi form. Discover the benefits of a strong body and peaceful mind through this integrated practice. 

Alchemy Tai Chi and Qigong integrate the traditional teachings of Eastern Medicine and martial arts, while bringing a contemporary perspective on mindfulness and body awareness. Movements are done slowly, and can be adapted to any fitness level, age or body type. From core strength to balance to mental acuity, this practice touches on all of the components essential to mental and physical wellbeing.  

Classes are offered every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:30 a.m. in the restorative surroundings of Arlington Park. Qigong and Tai Chi are an integral part of the wellness services offered at 360 Degree Wellness. Along with Japanese style acupuncture treatment, homeopathy, lifestyle education and herbal medicine, these arts of mindful movement are the perfect complement to a healthy body, mind and life. 


For more information on classes or to schedule a free consult, call 941-525-3752 or visit 



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