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360 Wellness Homeopathy Special

Dec 29, 2017 07:19PM

360 Degree Wellness is excited to announce, on the heels of her maternity leave, homeopath Jeni Clark will be adding additional clinic hours as of Jan 2. Clark is an intuitive homeopath and nutritional expert. She approaches each client as a unique individual and considers the mental, emotional and physical history of each person. She uses her strong intuition and listening skills to develop the right protocol for each patient’s unique health needs. 

With an extensive background in food-based healing, she has helped many people transition their diet and lifestyle to include foods which are both delicious and conducive to recovery from illness. Many people have never heard of homeopathy, don’t know what it entails, or do not realize how gentle and effective this modality truly is. Homeopathy is a treatment for acute conditions such as colds, coughs, flus, headaches and ear infections, but also for chronic conditions such as PANDAS, anxiety, depression, allergies, Lyme, insomnia and arthritis. 

For the month of January, Clark is offering $25 off a chronic consultation. She treats clients all over the USA, and is available at the 360 Degree Wellness clinic or by phone, skype, messenger or FaceTime 


For more information and to schedule an introductory consultation, call 708-217-3324. 

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