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Bring in Sustained Lifestyle Changes this Year

by Shana Rosenthal, Certified Consulting Hypnotist 


The holidays are over, and if you are like many people, chances are you might have gained some weight throughout the season. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a New Year often finds most of us making resolutions to boost our health.  

Records suggest that, on average, we all gain around six to eight pounds simply because of the excess treats and feasting, and that evidence is brought into focus by our ill-fitting clothes. This provides ample motivation to start making changes. In fact, the most common resolutions are to lose weight, quit smoking, limit alcohol intake and begin an exercise protocol. So how long do these positive intentions last? 

The issue is that quitting tobacco, ditching the alcohol and managing weight all require substantial behavioral changes. This is something human beings are not always skilled at. We have a large capacity to learn, but little capacity to unlearn. Can you unlearn how to ride a bike, drive a car or even walk? Of course not. So therein lies the challenge. How do you make these changes, and most importantly, create a permanence in your thinking and behavior modifications?  


A Hypnotic Approach Provides a Solution 

The only way to unlearn a behavior is to replace it with a new behavior. Hypnosis gives us access to the subconscious mind which is where we our behaviors are stored and maintained. Therefore, we can advocate new patterns of behavior to effectively overwrite the old ones. Perhaps you are in the habit of buying sweet treats while at the grocery store each week. By using hypnosis techniques, you can alter that behavior so the idea doesn't even enter your mind.  

Hypnosis techniques can assist with all these habitual behaviors, regardless of how long you’ve had them. Being a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, I help people like you all the time. How much easier would it be to regain your pre-holiday figure if you didn’t feel like consuming unhealthy snacks anymore? How would it feel if you habitually thought like a more balanced, nutritious person? The answer is obvious––you’d feel amazing! Once you change behaviors at the subconscious level, with the help of an experienced Hypnotist, self-sabotage is eradicated, and the results are often permanent.   


Shana Rosenthal is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and is Stress Management Certified. She runs her clinic at Four Pillars, guiding her clients to make profound improvements in their lives. She teaches powerful tools that enable the recipient to overcome their issues, enabling self-empowerment, control and ultimately relief. Four Pillars is located at 8209 Natures Way, Suite 221, Lakewood Ranch. For more information, call 941-807-1953, email [email protected] or visit 

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