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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

NASA, Space Travel & Changing Worldviews

Dec 29, 2017 07:19PM

Space travel and the Apollo missions altered the mythological landscape of humanity and continue to inspire the poetry of our existence today. As we enter the 50th anniversary year of the famous “Earthrise” photo taken by the crew of Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve 1968, George Haddad, senior engineer and project manager at NASA, will be in Sarasota to present a behind-the-scenes look at the planning around NASA’s missions and relate it to the worldviews inspired by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. 

Myths can serve as guideposts in troubling times because they provide societies and individuals a framework of reference and meaning that communicates the universal truths of our cosmos through symbols, imagery and metaphors. Myths also reach into the unconscious realms and connect us with intuitive guidance so that we can deal with the reoccurring, cyclical challenges that face humankind over the ages. This interactive presentation will offer an opportunity to explore the bigger picture of consciousness evolution and how our inner journeys correspond to our external journeys and exploration of the universe.  

This is a presentation of Sarasota’s Joseph Campbell® Foundation Mythological RoundTable® (MRT) Network Group in conjunction with the C. G. Jung Society of Sarasota. It will take place on January 8, 6–7:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required. We will meet at the Jane Bancroft Cook Library at New College unless attendance exceeds 30 people, at which time a new venue on the campus will be assigned, and registrants will be notified. 


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