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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Healing and Self-Discovery at Sarasota Center of Light

Dec 29, 2017 07:19PM

As part of its ongoing education programming, Sarasota Center of Light is offering their Healing Certification Program, Group Past-Life Regression and Chakra classes in January. Each of these are opportunities for self-discovery and transformation. 

The Healing Program offers a series of classes, resulting in certification or they can be taken individually. A full-spectrum approach is offered including discussion, lecture, practice and one-on-one support. Classes are offered on Tuesdays, 7:30–9 p.m., beginning on January 9. 

OnJanuary 13, 1–3 p.m., Elissa Bentsen will offer Group Past Life Regression: The Healing Power of Your Past. This inner journey through hypnosis will reveal the soul memory of your past lives. You will have the opportunity to access vital, buried information about your soul’s purpose in a safe relaxing process.  

David Winfree has a wonderful way of sharing the many aspects of the chakra system to not only inform, but awaken a new level of awareness in your life. He is offering Introductory/Intermediate and Advanced Chakra Knowledge on January 20, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. He will be presenting valuable information about the 14 major chakras, the primary chakra, the five transpersonal chakras and more. Join us for our services, extensive education programs, events, mediums and musical events scheduled throughout the year. 


Location: 852 S Tuttle Ave., Sarasota. Cost: $15 (The Healing Program), $35 (Past Life Regression), $40 (Chakra Knowledge). For more information, call 941-953-6620, email or visit 

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