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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Letter from the Publisher February 2018

February is here which means that love is all around! As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, now is the perfect time to also turn our affection inward and focus on practicing self-love. Nurturing our own hearts and affirming who we are as individuals is often overlooked, but it’s crucial for our well-being. This issue of Natural Awakenings offers both practical and spiritual advice for integrating more love into our daily routines, so we can live courageously and experience our fullest, healthiest, most exuberant selves.  


The feature article for this issue is “The Path to Personal Resilience” which dives into the restorative, healing process of moving beyond emotional traumas and finding the strength to not just survive in the world––but actually thrive! One approach to obtaining that sense of inner calm and resilience is through meditation which leads us into this month’s “Healing Ways” article on meditation styles to suit every need. These practices might include anything from mindfulness and conscious breathwork to guided visualization and personal mantras. This article breaks down the basics around each of these types, making it easier to choose the right one and proving that anyone can learn how to meditate. 


Self-love also takes the form of accepting how we look on the outside and developing a healthy appreciation for the uniqueness of our bodies. That message should be instilled at an early age in order to raise this next generation into confident, well-rounded adults. This issue’s “Healthy Kids” article focuses on just that––teaching children and teens to love their body image, no matter the shape or size it comes in! During this empowering interview with celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, she offers useful mind-body-spirit insights on how to feel secure and comfortable in one’s physical appearance.   


Finally, investing in our hearts also means keeping them strong with the right kinds of nutrition. The “Conscious Eating” article for this month is all about heart healthy foods to promote cardiovascular function and maintain an active, energetic quality of life. Some of these superfoods worth adding to our diets include raspberries, pumpkin seeds, avocados, beets, garlic, dark chocolate, pomegranates, salmon and olive oil, to name a few. After all, if we want to experience life to the fullest, we need to nourish ourselves accordingly. 


As usual, that’s just a taste of everything inside this issue of Natural Awakenings. There’s so much love within these pages, and I hope it comes across! Please send any comments, questions or feedback to [email protected] and happy Valentine’s Day! 

Natural Awakenings of Sarasota June 2020 Digital Edition


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