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Intuitive Energy Healing Offers Hope to Many

Jan 30, 2018 05:30PM

Are you facing health challenges––physical or emotional––that are chronic and difficult to resolve? Consider look into an alternative approach to healing like Intuitive Energy Healing offered by Waldete Fioretti.

Intuition and experience allow certain gifted individuals like Waldete to help people regain their health. Waldete utilizes the intuitive and holistic methods of focusing on the individual person as a complex and unique being.  She is able to “see” where energy blocks or imbalances are occurring, and is able to restore the natural flow of one’s own healing energy.

She also uses this healing art to purify the physical space in both homes and businesses. As the environment is cleansed, the space becomes more harmonious which results in a higher work performance, faster sales and improved relationships within. Fioretti is a fourth generation Brazilian Intuitive Healer who serves the Sarasota community, and has been providing Intuitive Healing services in the United States for the past 25 years. 


For a free consultation, call 941-525-6040 or visit

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