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The Helix Haircut: The Cut that Curls 

If you want more body and volume in your hair, you have a choice of a chemical perm or a helix cut. The helix cut uses co chemicals and is done with a special scissor that is beveled and torqued to cut a conical c-shape into the hair strands, and when all of the “c’s” are blended and connected it makes a wave which works best on fine hair.  

First, I cut the style and shape, then perform the helix cut, and the two haircuts take about one hour for shorter hair. The cost depends on the length and fullness of the hair which costs about what it would be for a chemical perm. With the helix cut, some get curls and some get waves, but everyone gets more body and volume. I am the only certified helix designer on the West Coast of Florida, and I’ve been successful in doing the helix technique for 16 years. In addition, I also offer balayage highlights and foils.  


Location: 701 JC Center Ct., Unit 10, Port Charlotte. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 941-629-0074. 



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