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Moving Beyond Medications

The Surgeon General has endorsed a “Turn the Tide” campaign toward non-pharmacological pain management in response to the public health crisis of opioid and painkiller overdependence and conclusive research on the limited effectiveness of long-term drug treatment to relieve pain. 

Prolonged painkiller use is found to increase the need for stronger and more frequent dosing over time which can lead to addiction and heightened pain levels, not reductions in pain.  Studies compared patients on drugs to those receiving non-pharmacological mind and body approaches such as yoga therapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, osteopathic and physical therapies, and found these interventions most effective for chronic pain.   

The new recommendations for doctors and patients endorses first line treatment with non-pharmacological mind and body methods. Pain is a complex physical and psychological occurrence that can be triggered by imbalances in muscle engagement, diet, social and environmental conditions, sleep patterns, aggravating injuries and stress, and psychological responses to pain. If the pain triggers are masked or ignored, the pain symptoms will grow in duration and intensity.    

Medications are not the enemy, but non-pharmacological methods are evidenced to be the safest and most effective after a decade of epidemic side-effects from drug use as primary pain treatment. The International Association of Yoga Therapists in cooperation with four integrative health organizations encourages moving beyond medications. The full article about non-pharmacological approaches can be read at, Moving Beyond Medications.   

Sarasota’s Empowered 2 Wellness Yoga Therapy provides individualized programs and self-care skills for balancing body and mind to relieve chronic pain and suffering. There is no charge for a consultation.   


For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 941-316-6893. 


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