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Stay Healthy in the Back-to-School Shuffle—Thanks to Super Value Nutrition

Jul 30, 2018 08:45PM

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer


When the first Super Value Nutrition made its brick-and-mortar debut on Sarasota’s Main Street in 1977, the business was small and family operated with an emphasis on curating an intimate experience for customers and an ongoing devotion to the health of this community. More than 40 years later, these standards remain at the forefront of Super Value Nutrition’s business model, but its humble origins have since expanded to include new locations on Bee Ridge Road and Siesta Drive, not to mention the broadest array of wellness essentials throughout Sarasota.

            Super Value Nutrition was founded on a commitment to educating and empowering people to invest in their own well-being—sans the expense and pretention of its mainstream competitors. Inside this local institution, you’ll meet knowledgeable and accommodating staff who are eager to assist you in finding the ideal product for your unique lifestyle or dietary needs. And you’ll leave with the confidence that both your health and your wallet are being taken care of.

            With back-to-school transitions kicking into gear this month, schedules are crammed, tensions are high, and immune systems are feeling the impact. In order to maintain this hectic pace, the body requires nutrient powered energy to fuel that morning carpool, afternoon soccer practice and evening homework session, plus those other errands, chores and activities in between. There’s no escaping it—life demands the healthiest, strongest version of yourself. And to that end, I spoke with Julia Herman, co-owner of Super Value Nutrition, on how this family business is making continuous strides to help your own family thrive.     


Natural Awakenings: Which types of nutrition and supplement products do you specialize in?

Julia Herman: We have just about everything! We offer the highest quality brand supplements including many of the brands and products you won’t find at larger mainstream stores. We have multi-vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathy, Chinese herbs, liquid supplements, CBD, essential oils, enzymes, probiotics and more. We are proud to offer this extensive selection, and we are always bringing in new products too.


NA: How does your team promote healthy living in your customers, while practicing it yourselves?

Herman: We seriously have the most incredible team here at Super Value Nutrition, and we are all passionate about health. It’s rewarding to help others feel their best through practicing a healthier lifestyle and natural healing.

We also give our team members the opportunity to train with some of the foremost supplement educators, and we engage in independent studies to continue learning how to better equip and assist our customers. We all learn from each other too, and this business is continually growing with new products, so we love passing these improvements along to our customers. It’s an enjoyable and fulfilling business to work in.    


NA: Are there any plans for new growth or expansion opportunities coming down the pipeline?

Herman: We are always looking to expand whenever the time is right. In fact, we have been talking for awhile about starting a delivery service, as we think this addition could benefit our customers exponentially.

Sometimes it’s tough for many of our customers to frequent the store due to health issues. And sometimes we don’t see customers for extended periods, then learn they underwent surgery and could not physically access their vitamins! In cases like these, a delivery service would be perfect for those customers, as well as others who don’t have the time to come in.



NA: In your opinion, what differentiates Super Value Nutrition from other wellness retailers? 

Herman: We have always been a discount store, and we offer the lowest prices in town. It’s tough with all these online retailers touting convenience and expedience, but there’s just something about walking into an actual store and speaking to someone who can give personalized assistance and firsthand knowledge.

We are competitive, so we either “meet or beat” those online prices in many instances. Our personal touch and free rewards program also keeps our customers coming back. That is where we stand out. In addition, we are major supporters of small business, and we frequent other small businesses ourselves—support local!


Support local indeed. Not to mention, when the right balance of nutrition is this accessible, and the price markdowns are this affordable, supporting local is an obvious choice—both during back-to-school season and all year round.


Super Value Nutrition currently operates from two locations, one in Centergate Plaza, and the other in Southgate Village Shops. The first is located at 5842 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota, and can be reached at 941-342-1908. The second is located at 2163 Siesta Dr., Sarasota, and can be reached at 941-366-1997. On the first Wednesday of each month, visit either store for 10–20% off the already discounted rates. For more information, visit





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