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Sacred Pathways Sarasota Offers Classes and Yoga Chats on the 10 Bodies

Jul 30, 2018 08:46PM

Beginning on August 9, John Stewart (a.k.a. Jiwan Shakti) will present an ongoing series of classes and talks on practices for working with our 10 bodies. Kundalini Yoga teaches that we have not just a physical body, but nine other facets too. These various aspects all differ in functions and impacts on our lives, from our physical health to our relationships with others.

These 10 elements that make us who we are include our soul body, negative, positive and neutral minds, the more subtle pranic, subtle and radiant bodies, the arcline and the aura. When you feel and understand what these basic aspects of ourselves do and how they interrelate, you can become more scientific about selecting appropriate practices for nourishing specific traits like courage and vitality. The 10 bodies model helps you systematize the knowledge of how to find guidance within, heal yourself and become more alert and sensitive.

The classes will be held on Thursday evenings, 6–7:30 p.m., each on specific practices for one of the bodies and cycling through all 10. Each class will include a physical Kundalini Yoga practice, a meditation and a guided relaxation. For more of a metaphysical discussion, Stewart will be giving a free informal chat the last week of most months on the 10 bodies and how to use them for energy work and self-healing.


For more information and to view a class schedule, visit

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