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Re-Balance your Immune System with Reiki

Jul 30, 2018 08:45PM

by Pat Crawford, RN, MSN


There is a new epidemic in the United States—inflammation. Researchers and physicians have linked chronic inflammation to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s dementia and autoimmune disorders. Chronic inflammation is worsened by lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition, excess weight, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep, substance abuse and smoking. 


Chronic Inflammation

Acute inflammation (over days to weeks) occurs when the immune system sends its cleanup crews to handle “messes” we get into, helping us heal from an injury or protecting us from bacteria, viruses, carcinogens and toxins.  

Chronic inflammation (over months to years) results from the lifestyle factors listed above, from chronic stress through a sustained release of cortisol, and from our thoughts or emotions which are stored as chemicals in our bodies. Over time, inflammation can have a detrimental effect on our health, resulting in “dis-ease” characterized by chronic pain (physical, emotional or spiritual pain), depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue.

Over a period of many years, the immune system might become overprotective, attacking our normal cells which results in autoimmune disorders such as asthma, arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, vasculitis and fibromyalgia. But chronic inflammation is treatable and, in many cases, reversible. We just need help to re-balance the immune system.


Re-Balance with Reiki

As a nurse, I am trained to care for the whole person with physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs. My nursing practice advocates a holistic model of health and wellness, viewing dis-ease as an imbalance of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. 

I have practiced many healing modalities as a nurse, and several years ago, answered the calling to pursue formal training in Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Rei means “universal, divine or higher consciousness,” and Ki means “life force energy within all living things.” Reiki healing energy work promotes self-healing through balancing of the mind, body, spirit and emotions.

As a Reiki Master, I assist clients to re-balance by helping them release whatever is no longer serving them well—physical symptoms, thoughts, memories, emotions or spiritual distress. By releasing, you create space for change, wellness, balance, self-healing and spiritual growth. During a 60- or 90-minute Reiki session, you remain fully clothed, while lying on a massage table. I gently place my hands on, or a few inches above, various parts of your body as you draw in just the right amount of Reiki energy to accelerate your own self-healing abilities.


Benefits of Reiki

Reiki works because it is divine universal energy, and your body, mind and spirit know to direct this energy where it is most needed for your greatest healing. You will notice the full effects of Reiki within 24 hours of your session, and the benefits can last a few weeks.  Healing results are unique to each person, and the benefits might include:

  • deep relaxation
  • release of stress and tension
  • improved sleep
  • reduced pain and inflammation
  • increased energy
  • balance of the immune system
  • inner peace and sense of well-being
  • spiritual growth and creativity


Despite my nursing science background, it is difficult to explain how Reiki works. But I have seen and heard the remarkable benefits experienced by my clients. After just three sessions, a client with fibromyalgia and lupus, who had chronic fatigue and head-to-toe pain, could run upstairs at home for the first time in years, and was pain-free for two weeks after each session. 

Another client with advanced dementia had not spoken nor made eye contact with his family in several years, and after a single Reiki session, he looked his wife in the eyes and spoke several sentences that made perfect sense. Most of my clients remark they can now sleep, and while they still encounter the same issues at work and or with their partners, they don’t no longer feel anxious or angry—instead they feel joyful and at peace.  


Pat Crawford, RN, MSN is a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher with an Advanced Certification in Animal Reiki, and has been a nurse for over 40 years, specializing in cancer and hospice care.  Crawford offers individual Reiki sessions and trainings at Four Pillars of Health, guiding clients to activate their innate healing abilities and balance their spirit, mind, body and emotions. Four Pillars is located at 8209 Natures Way, Suite 221, Lakewood Ranch. For more information, call 941-373-3955, email at [email protected] or visit


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