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Self Lymphatic Massage at Angela's Salon & Spa

Aug 31, 2018 11:40PM

Become your own lymphatic massage therapist and learn to detox naturally. Through self lymphatic massage and daily techniques to support your lymphatic system, you will provide your body with natural techniques that move fluid through the use of breath and movement. 

This type of massage stimulates the body to flush out harmful toxins and improve hormone function. Lymph nodes filter out toxins and pass fluids around the body. The lymphatic system in a healthy individual removes 10% of the waste from the body, while the circulatory system removes the other 90%.  

When the circulatory system cannot handle its load, the lymphatic system picks up the slack and begins to carry more of the waste removal load, but it can only handle so much. As you reach a certain level of toxicity, the lymphatic system becomes impaired. So how do you know you have a build-up of toxins? These questions might help you determine whether you need a lymphatic detox: 

  • Are you feeling excessively tired and run-down? 

  • Is your immune system weakened, and you keep getting suck? 

  • Do you have cellulite or swelling? 

  • Do you have an autoimmune disease or allergies? 

  • Have you suffered from breast cancer? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, learning how to treat your lymphatic system helps manage these concerns. Practicing lymphatic techniques increases the flow of fluid through your lymph system, allowing more toxins to flush through the body and improving your immune function.  

This workshop takes place on September 26, 6 p.m. Participants will learn how the lymphatic system contributes to health, and they will be taught correct hand techniques and sequences. Dress in shorts and a tank top for best application of manual lymph drainage. 


Location: 3510 N Lockwood Ridge Rd., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-351-0670. 


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