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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Professional Home Organizing for Healthy Living

Energetic Organizing is a professional home organizing service that serves the Tampa Bay and Sarasota/Bradenton areas. Their motto, “heal your home, heal your heart, is based on the principle that when you de-clutter and keep only items that bring you joy, both you and your environment feel happier. De-cluttering allows you to clear both your inner and outer spaces, whereby you can invite into your life more easily what you desire including more joy and energy. 

Energetic Organizing provides confidential and judgment-free services. Their professional home organizer Elizabeth Player specializes not only versed in traditional organizing techniques, but she is also trained and certified in the Konmari tidying method created by the Japanese decluttering specialist Marie Kondo.  


For more information and a complete list of services, call 813-540-0708 or visit

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