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What’s New at the Brain Wave Center?

Neurofeedback is a safe, drug-free and non-invasive process that guides irregular brainwaves back into normal ranges. When the brain makes healthy patterns, the symptoms of neurological problems like anxiety, depression, ADHD and brain fog and other symptoms dissipate.

Neurofeedback is effective on its own, but research studies indicate that when Neurofeedback is used as an adjunct to traditional treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition or pharmaceuticals, the outcomes are typically superior. 

We now offer psychotherapy, as a standalone or in combination with Neurofeedback. This fusion of qEEG Brain Mapping and trained therapists delivers a unique option, providing awareness on how the mind is operating versus how the brain is functioning.  Therapy continues with an awareness of the client’s areas of strengths and areas to improve on.  

Like the body, the brain needs adequate nutrition for peak performance. Over time, poorly balanced diets, chemicals and preservatives take a toll on our brain. We have a registered dietician at the Brain Wave Center whose goal elevate brain function with nutrition.    

What is the connection between Neurofeedback, psychotherapy and nutrition? Both neurofeedback and therapy are processes that allow the brain to rewire itself. Now imagine how much more impactful it can be to supply the brain with the nutrients it needs to support that rewiring process. Choosing the right foods provides the building blocks and fuel for a healthy brain. Psychotherapy is also enhanced when the brain functions at its peak.


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