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Behind the Firewall of Physical Reality, Science Finds Evidence of Life After Death

Sep 29, 2018 02:18PM

by Juliette Jones                      


“The doors to various afterlife realms must first be

unlocked here on earth through soul growth.”  

—Edgar Cayce


“The plain fact is that the materialist picture of the body and brain as the producers,

rather than the vehicles of human consciousness, is doomed. In its place a new view

of mind and body will emerge, and in fact is emerging already. This view is scientific

and spiritual in equal measure and will value what the greatest scientists of

history themselves always valued above all: truth.”

—Dr. Eben Alexander, excerpt from Proof of Heaven:

 A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife


As a child, I was fascinated by the observation of my own awareness. This propensity was reinforced by transpersonal experiences that just seemed to “occur” as a result of interaction with the environment around me, especially the natural world.

The enthralling experience of being awake, a state of being that I recognized from before this lifetime—from forever ago—had appeared again in my present form, along with an occasional whole-body awareness of non-separation.


Sleep: The Little Death

Like many young children, I was often disappointed when bedtime rolled around. I wanted to stay awake, anticipating that I might miss something important, but my mother and father insisted on 9:00 p.m. as the absolute limit to my waking hours. The force of will, however, was strong, and one night, I decided to close my eyes and appear to my mother as though I had fallen asleep, but inwardly resolve not to succumb to slumber, and remain awake internally.


“Most people are aware of the edge between normal waking consciousness and sleep, but the mystic is aware of the edge between the physical world and the world

of spirit, at the place where the body-mind touches the edge.”


My first few experiments didn’t work too effectively. I could see conscious awareness dropping away, and then experienced a sensation like falling off an “edge” into unconsciousness. This didn’t daunt me—I just assumed I needed practice. So after repeating the experiment for many nights, something extraordinary happened.

At the moment of approaching unconsciousness, I became aware that my spirit was flying through the void, and it was exhilarating! I flew and flew, enjoying a freedom that would be impossible in the physical realm. This clear and real awareness served as inspiration to continue my nightly practice, hoping it would happen again.

Eventually, this culminated in an out-of-body experience (OBE) in the form of a shockingly lucid, detailed recurring dream which touched me at depth that would permanently insulate me against lesser cultural preconceptions of reality and magnetized my mind to a cosmic image that could not be forgotten. In brief, I floated through the starry cosmos toward an aperture that emitted an attractive light, and passed through into a land that seemed familiar which, years later, I was able to identify as ancient Egypt.

This and other influential transpersonal experiences throughout early childhood provided an inner knowing that, as creatures here on earth, we are all connected to higher dimensions of reality. I was then, as I am now, confident of a direct interface between my own deeper awareness and the cosmos itself, out of which we all continue to emerge. These early perceptions formed much of the foundation of my spiritual gnosis.


“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding

everything I cannot explain as a fraud.” 

—C.G. Jung


Some of us are able to experience transpersonal knowledge naturally—not beliefs, but knowledge—while other seem unable to make the connection. Nevertheless, I feel at the core of every human life, the software exists, perhaps not yet double-clicked. When the soul is ready, the inner eye opens to see within, much as the outer eye develops to view the outer world.


“We all look forward to the day when science and spirituality

shall walk hand in hand through the visible to the invisible.”

                                                                                —Ernest Holmes


Millions of people have life-altering experiences in consciousness on a daily basis, and at the same time, the paradigm of Western science is expanding at an exponential rate, opening doors of perception in the areas of brain, mind and consciousness. As a result, the current Western notion of physical reality is being overturned. Physicalism will soon become known as the greatest superstition of the twentieth century, equivalent to the seventeenth-century perception that our world is flat. 

“Physicalism is the doctrine that the real world consists simply of the physical world. Its close cousin is materialism, the creed that nothing exists except matter and its movement and modifications, as well as the doctrine that consciousness is totally due to material agency.” (Oxford Dictionary). In the words of Dr. Larry Dossey, “The dogma of physicalism suffers from two fatal flaws, the sheer poverty of evidence that our brains produce consciousness, and the enormous human costs of a world that is sanitized of a spiritual outlook.”

Emerging is a body of scientific evidence that life is never-ending. Among many other distinguished researchers and physicians, Dr. Stanislav Grof asserts that science has now proven that consciousness exists outside of the body, and after death, and that consciousness precedes being, not the other way around.

Another leader in this movement is Dr. Mark Pitstick, author of Soul Proof, Radiant Wellness and The Eleven Questions. He has been endorsed by forerunners of the modern conscious evolution movement including Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel and Elisabeth Kubler Ross, and is certified in Past Life Regression therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss.

Dr. Pitstick will be presenting in Sarasota on October 25 at a special event produced by the Friendship Center for Aging Studies and sponsored in-kind by the C.G. Jung Society of Sarasota, The Sarasota Group of the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS), and ITN SunCoast, a non-profit ride service for people over age 60 and adults with vision challenges (information below).


I asked Dr. Pitstick about the key message he would like to share with the readership of Natural Awakenings. “We can now present incontrovertible evidence that clearly shows we are forever beings, and demonstrate how to internalize this information to take us through life’s toughest times,” he responded.

Additionally, he will speak on the subject of a unique technological achievement called the Soul Phone which is being developed under the direction of Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., tenured professor at Yale, former assistant professor at Harvard and current director of the University of Arizona’s Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health which supports post-death contact research and development.

In his book Greater Reality Living, co-authored by Dr. Pitstick, Dr. Schwartz has stated, “Speaking as a scientist, I am now 99.9% certain that life continues after bodily death.” On this subject, Dr. Pitstick will share information on Reality Living Groups designed for kindred spirits desiring a safe place to learn, evolve and normalize their thinking as their consciousness evolves beyond the limits of the body’s five senses.


“…The human mind and the destiny of individual life cannot be reduced to the same type of causal laws that have been the basic tools of the natural sciences. If great sums of energy could be released by breaking the elemental unit of the atom, equivalent sums of energy

might be brought forth if the depths of the psyche could be opened in a comparable way.”

—C.G. Jung



This special event will take place at 1888 Brother Geenan Way, Sarasota. The cost to attend is $25 for members and $35 for the general public. The evening will commence at 6 p.m., then conclude at 8:30. This includes a reception, keynote presentation and panel discussion with C.G. Jung society members who are near-death experiencers. To register, call 941-556-3263. For more information, visit







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