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Finding Balance

The first of the year brings resolutions for physical things like improving diet, starting to exercise and being more organized. Actually, many of those require us to be very disciplined and hard on ourselves. Sometimes we neglect our mental and spiritual sides that need a good diet and regular exercise too. And a sense of fun!

      A Lotus Quantum Biofeedback session is a good place to start to access our stresses and frustrations about life. Whether it is feeling low energy, with no time for spiritual exploration (like checking out auras or finding a spiritual group) or no creative outlets (like singing, dancing or art). Maybe it’s dealing with irritating people. These unresolved stresses have a way of bubbling to the top and getting in the way of enjoying life. They are like flies that keep buzzing. Sometimes we don’t know what all those underlying stresses are or where they came from. They could be environmental pollutants, allergies or vitamins and minerals that are out of balance.

     At Lotus Stress Relief, they try to help clients find that balance of body, mind and spirit and encourage them to be kind to themselves! 

Location: 2965 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 941-706-2778 or visit

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