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Once Upon a Time, I Was Stupid 

by Dr. Cynthia Clark, AP, CAN 


Americans are currently experiencing one of the highest levels of brain fatigue ever. This is due to the stress induced by the Coronavirus and its far-reaching physical, societal, psychological, emotional and mental effects. None of us are immune to these effects—like being unable to hold a new grandbaby or plan a traditional funeral. Like corn kernels in a popcorn maker, if you crank the heat enough, no one escapes.   

There is one simple reason most people experience what I call the stress-induced “stupids.” Does this sound familiar to you? Have you experienced a lackluster feeling or a sense of dread to start the day? Are you not smiling as much, yelling at your kids or partner, experiencing restless sleep or feeling persistent loneliness?  

If so, this is not your fault. The real problem is that your body lacks some of the nutrients it needs to function in the midst of increased stress levels. Even if you don’t think the stress is affecting you, remember that each kernel pops when the heat is turned up. Stress impacts the whole body including the cardiovascular system, circulation and brain health. Studies by Harvard, Vanderbilt University and the Mayo Clinic show that stress exacerbates inflammation.  This strangles the circulatory system, weakens the immune system, and over time, cuts off blood flow to the brain.   

To illustrate this, I will use an example of a client, who I’ll refer to as “Sally.” She came to me in a stressful time, having just lost her mom to cancer. She was also involved in a romantic relationship with someone who didn’t quite feel the same way, but was leading her on. This wreaked havoc on Sally’s brain, and she took two wrong turns while driving to the grocery store that she had shopped at for years. She couldn’t even remember her last address when filling out a form, and she started to feel scared for her overall health. 

The positive news is that I’ve figured out a simple way to solve this problem. If you want to remember important moments with your loved ones or be confident making financial decisions for yourself in the future, this conversation is for you. And while I am now the owner of one of the most successful holistic wellness centers in the country and training for the Ironman Florida competition, I wasn’t always this energetic.   

In fact, I suffered from the exact symptoms I listed before with a host of others too. I took multiple naps each day, and I was afraid of losing all the intense herbal knowledge I had trained in for so long. At one point, I was even afraid of losing my business since it was hard to organize my thoughts in the midst of such intense emotions. I felt exhausted for days after only running a mile. But here’s what I learned: there are certain specific tools that reveal the nutrients your body needs, in what quantity and for how long.   

This tool can specifically see the functioning and nutrient need of each valve of the heart. This is an essential diagnostic technique to examine your health and identify your specific needs. Combined with blood tests, genetic tests, food sensitivity tests, and applied kinesiology scans, you can receive specific accurate information about what you need to do. 

When I learned about these cardiac and wellness tests and started implementing them in my own life, my health dramatically increased. I went from fear, exhaustion and dread to jumping out of bed at 5AM, passively remembering a code I saw once on a paper two weeks ago, and fully reclaiming my physical, emotional and brain health. Once upon a time, I was stupid, but I got better. I would love to help you get better too. 


Dr. Cynthia Clark, Acupuncture Physician, Applied Clinical Nutritionist is an award-winning acupuncturist and nutritionist. She has helped hundreds of patients heal naturally from many ailments. As an engineer, she focuses on understanding how things work, from the human body to quantum mechanics. With her expertise in Chinese Medicine, she synthesizes multi-paradigm solutions from Functional Medicine and Eastern medicine. For more information, call 941-923-9355 and mention this article when you do. For a free gift to build immunity and release stuck emotions, access her Qigong techniques at    


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