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Why Can’t You Change Your Skin without a Change in Your Energy First?

by Dr. Cynthia Clark 


You want to be the healthiest, most radiant version self, and why not? If you love a home, then you take care of it—the space is clean, orderly and inviting to others. It’s no different if you love yourself and want to present the best image of you to the world. We all enjoy doing this—even from our earliest ages, we strut around in princess or superhero costumes. 

As life carries you forward, skin does not look the same as it did in your teenage years.  It becomes thinner, and certain lines appear which is natural. But sometimes roughness, dryness or even deep wrinkles form, and these issues might need to be addressed. After all, skin is the largest organ in the human body.   

So if your skin ages quicker than you feel it should, that’s not vanity whispering in your ear. It could be your inner healer pointing out that this organ is in need of attention.  Our current pandemic is a time when full-body wellness is crucial—and this includes skin.  

The skin is intimately tied to lung function. You might even notice those who have lung disorders often have rougher skin too. When the lungs are depleted, that person could have difficulty exercising also which can inhibit the body’s oxygen exchange and carbon dioxide release through the tissues. 

The skin is just as important to heal as any other area in the body, When you are around something (or someone) creepy, awkward or uncomfortable, you might respond, “That makes my skin crawl.”  This is because you have a physical reaction—the arrector pili muscles raise your hair follicles and cause them to stand on end. So there are two actions you can take when it comes to your skin—avoid the trigger or change your reaction.   

If you decide to change the reaction, then be curious about what caused this response in the first place. For instance, “Does a person resemble my Uncle John who used to mock me, so now I feel judged around this other individual?” Or, “Does a situation make me feel unsafe because it reminds me of a previous life experience that caused me harm?”  

This is called negative energy—memories and experiences are stored in various parts of the body, including the skin. The energy frequencies you are exposed to can be powerful enough to alter your chemical composition. For example, when you feel anger, you release adrenaline and cortisol. However, If you remain immersed in that space over time, your adrenals will be tired of squirting out cortisol, and you could develop adrenal fatigue. Not to mention, your muscles will tense, and your heart will accelerate.   

All of these symptoms can lead to high blood pressure. In addition, your thyroid can enter into overdrive which could impair your production of progesterone and estrogen. As a result, this can also affect the skin, making it dry, wrinkled or prematurely aged. 

This is why stress can make you appear older than you are, and why it’s not just a quick-fix. You need to address the thyroid and adrenal function, as well as hormone balance. You also need to identify the root cause—the past stories you associate with present issues which lead to heightened levels of stress. 

Has anyone ever told you to just “get over” something? Was that response actually helpful? It didn’t help me when I confided in my only friend at a new school that I was hurt by a mutual friend of ours I had started dating, who then ghosted me, while borrowing my car. What did help was learning new tools that helped me to release this stuck negative energy. It also launched me on a path to become an expert Medical Qigong practitioner (Chinese medicine energy work), an ever-curious herbalist and a pursuer of sacred skincare solutions.   

For this reason, when I treat a person with thyroid disorder I often use whole food supplements, herbs, homeopathies and the rich world of energy medicine to help discover the root cause. I identify whether the presenting issue is physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic or something else. I then create a solution which is finely tuned for each individual at this specific moment in time—with prayer, science and curiosity. 


If you have noticed symptoms of skin aging and want to learn how to address these and their underlying factors, join me on October 27 because your skin is important, and you deserve to know the best methods to care for it.  There are a few in-person spots available at Longevity Wellness, so please RSVP to by calling 941-923-9355, or join our online learning portal for this and many other excellent presentation at 



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