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Natural Long-Term Relief For PTSD, Depression and Anxiety - How Neurofeedback Improves Brain Function and Mental Health

By the Brainwave Center Team


If you are struggling to get over challenging life situations or traumas, and are left with depression and/or anxiety, you are not alone. Challenging life experiences, such as relationship break ups, work/school stress, financial difficulties, and even just raising a family can take a great toll on our emotional health. These events can also literally change our brains. Many studies have shown that anxiety and depression can signify brainwave imbalances, which can be corrected by retraining the brain! 


When you experience depression, your brain functions differently from when you are happy and carefree. Studies show that depression is frequently related to brainwave imbalances, and there are specific patterns that relates to depression, such as an excess of Alpha brainwaves on the left side of their brain These brainwave imbalances dramatically effect mood and can create ongoing negative thought patterns. An imbalance in certain brainwaves can cause you to become depressed more easily, feel hopeless, withdraw from people, and be more anxious. 

Anxiety and Panic Attacks: 

The prevalence of anxiety has been increasing over the past several decades. In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25%, according to the World Health Organization. All kids ages 8 and up are recommended to be screened for anxiety, according to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Anxiety symptoms can also be traced to brainwave imbalances. Studies have shown that anxiety and panic attacks can be experienced when your brain wave pattern is going too fast- which represents an imbalance in the way the brain is functioning. This may be measured as an excess of Beta (high frequency) brainwaves, typically on the right side of the brain. 

How Does Neurofeedback Eliminate These Symptoms? 

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that targets imbalances in the brain by retraining it over time. It’s safe, simple to do, and enjoyable! Neurofeedback therapy not only brings relief of symptoms, but it also addresses and modifies underlying imbalances in the brain. This results in brainwave forms that are associated with happy and healthy brain function.  Healthy brainwave forms are associated with a natural state of feeling happier and more balanced. 

At The Brain Wave Center, we take a comprehensive approach to brain health. We begin with a Brain Map to assess your brainwave patterns. We observe how your brain wave imbalances relate to your feelings of depression and anxiety. We also look at how issues in your physical health may be impacting your emotional health and how lingering past traumas may be keeping you stuck in anxiety or depression. 

After a comprehensive Brain Map assessment, you will embark on a neurofeedback journey to retrain your brain. The therapy is both enjoyable and powerful. Your brain wave patterns are monitored to determine optimal function, and these are healthy brain waves are rewarded through the video that you are watching. This, over time, retrains the brainwaves to start moving towards more balanced states and healthy regulation. Your brain responds to this treatment by creating new, healthier, neural connections and trimming the old pathways. Neurofeedback can help your brain to stay in these balanced states, allowing you to think calmer, feel more positive, regulate your emotions, deal with stress, and in turn alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms. 

Recent Neurofeedback Study

Resilient Retreat, in Sarasota, Florida, asked The Brain Wave Center to collaborate in a study of first responders and those that have undergone abuse or emotional trauma. The study looked at numerous modalities to decrease stress and depression. The outcomes were significant. After Neurofeedback training, there was a 52.79
% decrease in depression and a 38.39% decrease in PTSD. There were also remarkable improvements in emotional responses such as feelings of self-worth and importance, emotional awareness and clarity, and an increased sense that participants mattered to others.

A Better Brain Means a Better You!

The Brain Wave Center has helped many children and adults overcome emotional health disorders using safe, noninvasive, and drug-free relief therapies. We specialize in the following:

  • ADHD / Learning Disabilities
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • PTSD / Stress / Trauma
  • Memory Loss / Brain Fog
  • Concussion / Brain Injury
  • Autism
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • and more 

Call The Brain Wave Center at 941-552-4500 to schedule your Brain Map and complimentary FREE consultation or go to Retrain your brain today for optimal performance tomorrow!


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