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Earthing for Earth Day

by Nancy Tegan 


Earthing: grounding the body to the earth.  

Massage therapists and energy healers have known all along the importance of staying grounded. We ground ourselves before and after we work on clients. Not only does this practice make us more effective at performing our jobs, it also yields numerous health benefits. In fact, “earthing has caught on with the public at large due to these health benefits. Earthing reduces inflammation, creates inner peace, promotes balance and supports overall well-being. 

Earthing is a strategy for protecting one’s body, energy and health. For example, when we walk barefoot outside and connect to the earth, we make physical contact with the natural frequencies pulsating throughout the surface of the earth. These frequencies are called electronsunseen energy that give the earth’s surface a gentle, negative charge. Earthing is a method through we can ground ourselves and absorb these negative charges.  

Here are some other ways you can absorb negative charges and celebrate Mother Earth: 

  • Go outside and sit against a tree, feel the bark pressing against your body, and inhale the natural aromas of grass and leaves.  

  • Listen to music and dance along with the beat, as though no one else is watching.  

  • Visit the beach, sit in the sand, watch the waves, and feel the gentle breeze against your skin.  

  • Ride your bike and relish the wind blowing through your hair. 

  • Practice breathing exercises outside, take deep cleansing breaths from your diaphragm, and experience how alive your body truly is 

  • Get a massage outsideI know, you’re probably thinking, “How could I possibly get a massage in the Great Outdoors?” Well, I know just the place for you: 

Join the staff and massage therapy students from the East West College of Natural Medicine during our Earth Day Celebration. This event will take place at Oscar Scherer State Park on April 23, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will provide free outdoor chair massages to the public, so come celebrate Mother Earth with us. Happy Earthing! 


Did you know the East West College of Natural Medicine is a Green Business in partnership with Sarasota County? We demonstrate the environmental stewardship of our school by taking sustainable actions to reduce waste and conserve water, energy and other natural resources. Our massage program features e-books and paperless homework. This is an innovative, leading edge in the movement to do green. For more information, call 941-355-9080. Nancy Tegan, B.S., MAEd, LMT, NCMTMB, is the East West College of Natural Medicine’s Massage Therapy Lead Instructor  
This institution is located at 3808 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. 

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