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Letter from the Publisher April 2018

The weather is sunnier, the temperature is warmer, and here in Florida, we all know what this means—beach season is in full swing! But as we spend more time outside, how often are we stopping to consider our impact on the natural habitats around us? Are we being conscious and compassionate stewards of this earth, or could we unintentionally be causing it harm?  


To answer that question, this month’s issue of Natural Awakenings is all about becoming more aware of how our actions or lifestyles can affect the environment, and how we can work together as a community to make the world a safer, cleaner, healthier place. 


To kick-off this conversation, check out our April feature article “Healthier Climate Means Healthier People” which explores the connection between our personal well-being and the state of our planet. This also underscores why the “go green” initiative is more than just a trend, but an essential practice that we all can benefit from in our daily routines.  


One of those routines is how we fuel our bodies and the types of food sources we choose. This month’s “Conscious Eating” article focuses on climate-friendly food and why the production value matters just as much as the nutritional content. Ideally, we should be choosing natural and organic foods when possible in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emission that results from mass-production. In fact, many local farmers and restaurants here in Sarasota are already making these positive, conscious strides!    


Taking care of the environment goes beyond how we interact with the great outdoors—it also means being mindful of how we behave inside our homes. This issue’s “Green Living” article discusses the importance of healthy household tips like conserving water, cleaning with non-toxic products and reducing the amount of waste. Even these basic initiatives will create a more livable home and a more sustainable world.   


Finally, it’s crucial to teach the next generation how they can also contribute to a healthier planet since it will be theirs to protect in the future. Our “Wilderness Awareness” article points out how exposing children to responsible wilderness skills can foster in them a lifelong respect, kindness and appreciation toward the environment. The more exposure kids have to nature, the more they’ll understand the role they have in caring for it.  


As usual, this is just a small taste of everything you’ll find in our April issue. I hope the information and insights are beneficial to you, and please don’t hesitate to join the conversation! Any comments, questions or feedback can be sent to Let’s continue this dialogue on how we can all work together for a brighter tomorrow here on earth!  





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