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Food from the Soul

by Rev. Jim Toole


Many people are watching what they eat, changing their diets and even their daily routines in order to improve their health and well-being. Although it is vital to take care of our bodies, we are much more than just a physical exterior. Our emotions, minds and souls must also receive the proper nutrition in order for the totality of our beings to live a balanced and harmonious life.

Just as we choose certain foods to consume, we must be purposeful when choosing food for thought. Our thoughts trigger our emotions, and both play a major role in the decisions we make or actions we take. No matter which thoughts might arise in our minds, we can choose where to focus that attention. It is where and how we focus our attention that we create the broader experience of our lives.

            It is not only important what we focus our attention on, it is also from where we choose to look at our lives. Instead of a mental diet of junk food, like negative thinking or fear, we can turn to the inner knowing of inspiration, love and truth of our souls. When we look at life through the eyes of the heart and soul, we see, feel and experience it completely different.

            Exercise is another important part of maintaining health. Rather than carrying with us into today the perception of our past, we can stretch and develop our awareness by being open-minded, staying in the moment and turning within to our own intuition for guidance and direction. By shifting our attention from what we don’t have to gratitude for what we do have, we create an opening for forming a different view of who we are and who we can become.

            Through gratitude, we experience a peaceful freedom within that allows us to surrender into the influence and uplifting of the spirit, the essence of our souls. The reflection of this energy and light of our souls into our lives is the origin of inner expression into our experience. Enjoy balanced diet and exercise to keep the body strong and fit. At the same time, choose carefully what you absorb into your mind and awareness.

Turn inward to your heart and soul, listening carefully to the whispers of the love, inspiration and truth of your inner knowing. By choosing to think, feel and act guided by your deepest truth, you awaken a new level of vitality and fulfillment of health and well-being each day. Be all you can be, for the highest and best, on a staple diet of food from the soul.

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