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Himalayan Mystic Visits The Spirit University

In September, Himalayan mystic Dr. Pradeep Ullal will be at The Spirit University for two events. On September 14, rediscover your innate potential to access causeless joy by tapping the sacred portals in your mid-brain that leads to the core of universal grid. Unlock your DNA potential to attract awareness through a process of intuition called “Direct Knowing.”

            Then on September 15, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Dr. Ullal will teach “Whole Brain Activation” which promotes unity awareness, gamma wave and liberation. The brain is a playground of the cosmos, so you have the ability to open your vents, portals and gateways to access the powerful cosmic transmissions.

 Dr. Ullal teaches that it’s possible to liberate and attain a disease-free body. This involves awakening the seventh brainwave called “gamma” which leads to a state of neural synchrony as it fires all the neurons to spark and converge at the nucleus of the mid-brain. This allows you to make a quantum leap from “ordinary struggler” to “elevated being” who loves in tune with eternal remembrance, unitary vibration and the eternal spin of the cosmos.


              On Sunday, September 16 we will learn the simplest yogic ways to de-stress and access flow within. Our sedentary lifestyle has resulted in chronic illnesses, repetitive stress injuries, obesity and fatigue. We deprive our ability to access truest state of bliss, flow and pure celebration of life. We welcome you to explore the simplest and most profound ways to de-stress with Himalayan kriya yoga techniques. We will also practice proven methods to stay aligned during our busy work life.


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