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Need More Focus for Work, Sports, School and Life? Imagine Retraining Your Brain.

At The Brain Wave Center, we specialize in identifying issues with brain health, mental focus and age-related challenges, ranging from ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism, memory loss, stress and trauma/PTSD.

Without drugs and using nationally recognized brain mapping techniques, we quickly establish brain function and initiate positive outcomes, using non-invasive and customized neurofeedback training programs. We combine brain training with talk therapy and nutrition programs. Over time, seemingly unrelated issues such as stress, anger, depression, negative habits and small injuries take a toll on our brains, just like our bodies. 

Similar to the body, the brain needs both exercise and rest to operate at peak performance. Neurofeedback is a measured learning process that takes advantage of the brain's ability to self-regulate and seek balance. By re-training irregular brainwave patterns, we are assisting the brain to function better. This is similar to a computer whose data storage gradually slows it down, necessitating a reboot. Neurofeedback gives the brain that reboot.

Neurofeedback can be effective on its own, but research has shown that, when combined with traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapies, exercise, proper nutrition and adequate sleep, the outcomes are superior. Neurofeedback is not a “quick fix,” but it is an effective, drug-free and natural approach to help improve mood, concentration and overall functioning. If you have any questions, we always provide a free consultation before we begin.


For more information, call 941-552-4500 or visit Ask about our summer brain mapping specials.


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