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Scientific Proof that Feng Shui Works Wonders

by Steve Kodad 


In a world that seems to move faster and faster every time we step outside, it is important to understand the most important areas of life can greatly enhance your success and health––and you have control over those manifestations. You can achieve this by transforming your space through the simple techniques of feng shui. 

Feng shui is an ancient “environmental science” that focuses on how your environment permits you to succeed. Feng shui can be defined as “living in harmony with the natural world.”   It is over 4,000 years old, but Feng shui has stuck around for one major reason––it works! This practice affects a you consciously, but as I mention to my students, it has an even more powerful effect on the subconscious which does most of the heavy-lifting when making decisions. 

I became involved with feng shui for a self-serving reason––it helped me sell my listings quickly when I was a real estate agent.  It also made my clients happier and easier to work with That alone made learning feng shui worthwhile. I’m no longer a realtor, but I have been training real estate agents, home stagers and homeowners for over a decade on how to effectively use this ancient science.  

I knew Feng Shui worked for my real estate business, but as someone whose first degree was in mathematics, I needed evidence to back it up.  So I did my research and found the support I needed––not only for myself, but to show to a client. One study I bring up with my students has demonstrates how having an office with a window affects performance compared to an interior office with no daily access to the outside. This study showed that workers who were unable to look outside were consistently unproductive and unhealthy.  They even presented a higher risk of developing cancer. 

Another study I love to mention was conducted in the state of Wisconsin, using satellite imaginary and data. The researchers compared the amount of tree canopies in an area to the population’s overall health and found that in neighborhoods where the amount of trees covered more than 10% of the ground area, the residents were healthier, less stressed and experienced a reduced risk of depression. 

Feng shui encourages people to be more productive, and it can make any environment feel more secure and comfortable. When these feelings “seep” into your subconscious, wonderful occurences can happen, and life becomes easier to manage. 


On March 1–2, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Steve Kodad will present a two-day workshop which leads up to an attendee being awarded the certification of Feng Shui Staging Professional. The workshop will be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites Sarasota/Bradenton-Airport. For more information, visit 

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