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Ozopuncture Heals and Reduces Pain With Ozone

Ozopuncture is a technique that combines the amazing benefits of medical ozone therapy with acupuncture meridian theory. Combining these therapies creates a dual effect, heightening the effects of both the acupuncture point and the ozone.

Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells and causes Interferon levels to be significantly increased (400% 900%). A powerful broad spectrum anti microbial, Ozone is effective against most bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Ozone is also antineoplastic, meaning it can discourage the growth and maturation of malignant cells.

Absorption of ozone accelerates the Krebs cycle, a chemical reaction in the body that is vital to the production of energy – ozone can also degrade harmful petrochemicals. Lastly, ozone makes the antioxidant systems in the body more effective.

Ozopuncture is an amazing therapy in the treatment of pain and nearly all chronic, degenerative diseases – learn more now and find a solution to your pain problems!

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