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Healthy Body, Healthy Brain, Healthy Life

Summer is here. Many of you are getting ready for camps, vacations and other seasonal activities. But what are you doing for your—and your family’s—health?  Aside from exercise, relaxation and healthy eating, is there anything else? Have you tried neurofeedback? 

Neurofeedback can benefit everyone, guiding the brain to a more balanced emotional state and improving cognitive efficiency. Based on our own experience and recent studies, we understand that neurofeedback can help increase attention and working memory performance, reduce anxiety or depression, and help alleviate symptoms of ADHD. Other applications can include personal development, peak performance, athletic control or inner awareness.  

Neurofeedback quantifies and trains brain activity. Brain cells interact creating thoughts, sensations, actions and emotions, detectable as brain waves. Neurofeedback specifically monitors brain waves, looks for irregularities, then produces a signal designed to correct and guide brain waves back into a healthy pattern.  

Overtime, the brain will remain in healthy ranges on its own.  We utilize neurofeedback programs customized to you, to overcome issues and experience long-lasting results.  Neurofeedback focuses on building new neural pathways and strengthening the brain rather masking symptoms. 

Neurofeedback can be effective on its own, but continued research has shown that, when combined with traditional therapies, exercise, proper nutrition and adequate sleep, the outcomes are typically superior.  Neurofeedback is not a quick-fix, but a drug-free and natural approach to help improve mood, concentration, and overall functioning.   


For more information, call 941-552-4500 or visit our website Ask about our Summer Brain Mapping Specials. 

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