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Brain Mapping for Couples

Whether you are married, engaged or dating, how well do you know how your partner’s brain works? Brain mapping could provide clarity for questions like, “Why do I/they act this way?” We all come from different backgrounds with different genetics and families of origin, so it would make sense that our brains function differently. 

At The Brain Wave Center, we use multiple tools to help couples better understand their partners. We also provide the same services for couples working to make their marriage more fulfilling or to heal from trauma. We combine long-standing and successful talk therapy options with the advantage of unbiased neuroscience. 

The brain map (or qEEG) is designed to objectively and scientifically evaluate a person’s brain wave pattern. Included is a series of personalized charts, identifying the potential for over 50 symptoms that range from anxiety and depression to learning and executive function issues. You will learn how your partner views the world which can help you understand how they are different from you. Those in relationship counseling can use this tool to grasp their partner’s thinking patterns which reduces obstructions and improves communication. 

You can also receive neurofeedback and therapy sessions. Many couples have benefited from the dual therapy of neurofeedback and traditional talk therapy with a licensed therapist. Neurofeedback has been described as the key to sharing and expressing thoughts to facilitate more open dialogue. 

Neurofeedback can be effective on its own, but research shows that when combined with traditional therapies such as talk therapy, the outcomes are typically superior. Neurofeedback is not a “quick fix” but an effective, drug-free and natural approach to help improve mood, concentration and overall functioning.   


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